The CitySwarm Intern- Katie Beery

To give some background information, I work for the company called CitySwarm. CitySwarm is a Chicago based company that hosts all-inclusive and highly social events geared towards young professionals. These events span from experiences that include all but are not limited to, events that are recreational, social, and cultural. The company is still small, being that it began only about two years ago in 2010. A young woman named Lindsay Saewitz founded the company after she tried out the new and increasingly popular group-buying website offerings, and was disappointed in the experiences that she had. CitySwarm not only creates and designs all-inclusive events, but also uses these events as a platform to market various businesses in Chicago.


            In regards to my title at CitySwarm, I am a marketing intern, but my duties are not limited solely to marketing tasks. My day as an intern for this company usually begins with looking through “HARO” emails, which are sent three times a day. These emails are from various media sources and outlets nation-wide, asking questions and opinions on many types of topics including business, entertainment, travel, and more. My job is to go through and read all of the posts and email all of the ones that might work well to promote and or get the word out about the CitySwarm Company. As an intern for this company I meet with Lindsay and any other interns at the time twice a week, usually Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 9:00am until around noon. 


            The next thing that I do for CitySwarm as their intern is doing all the pre-event marketing for all of the upcoming events. The pre-marketing that I do for each event includes posting a picture, a summary of the event, the ticket price, and what each ticket includes on different social websites. These websites include: Facebook, yelp, Do312, Built in Chicago, My daily find: Chicago, and the Local Tourist. Another task that I do is research on prospective venues, bars, and restaurants that the company may want to host an event at. This research includes getting general information such as their phone number, website URL, and address, and also searching out or calling the business to get their general managers name and email. From there I create an excel spreadsheet with all of this information and give it over to Lindsay who will then work directly with me to come up with a tailored email about the event that we are trying to create, which I will then send out to the companies.


            Furthermore, some other day-to-day activities that I do is researching new and up incoming local Chicago businesses, managing and posting CitySwarm’s social media on twitter and Facebook through either posts or direct tweeting with people, getting pricing quotes on materials that CitySwarm needs such as food, company t-shirts, or drinks, and also researching new ways that the company can increase awareness.



Katie Beery (Right) at her internship with CitySwarm

            Overall, when reflecting upon my internship, the one thing that I love is the fact that I am able to directly work with the founder/owner of the company. She is always readily available to me, and I feel comfortable asking any questions that I have related to my duties, the company, and the industry as a whole. I am learning a lot about how to interact with other business and the professional aspect of working with them in partnerships and as sponsors. Moreover, I am learning much about how a small business can try to increase its awareness, and doing whatever it takes to make a small business like CitySwarm not only survive in such a competitive market, but also what things the company needs to do in order to try and make the company grow.