The ESPN Radio Intern- Taylor DePaola


Taylor DePaola at her internship with ESPN Radio

As a promotions intern at ESPN Radio 1000, there is a great deal of work that needs to get done and I am always moving about the office. ESPN, as everyone knows, is a very large company and well-known brand. The station has thousands of listeners weekly, as well as those who view our content online and on our mobile app.

 Upon entering the station, I meet with my supervisor, who is the Marketing Director, and find out what my tasks are for the day. In promotions, there is always something to do. First, I collect information from all of our contest winners and input their information into our database of winners. This is important for the marketing department to keep track of because we do not want someone winning multiple prizes. The prizes usually consist of gift cards, concert tickets, or prize packs, which include a variety of ESPN premiums. Then, I will make sure that all of the prizes get mailed out to the corresponding winners. In addition, I will often call those who have won VIP packages to a live Waddle and Silvy broadcast to encourage them to come out to the show.

Well, you might say that this does not seem like much work, but there are at least a dozen winners every day. Now, this is not the only thing that I do as an ESPN intern, but I also work at weekly ESPN events, as well as live broadcasts. These are incredibly fun to be part of. Prior to the event, I have to prepare all the promotions material that is needed for the events. This is packing everything from tee shirts and hats to ESPN banners and tablecloths.  Oh, and the most important thing is the camera! We love to take pictures at our events to showcase the fun and success of the event. Although there is some physical labor involved in setting up the tables and speakers, the event is always a great experience. Fans from all over the Chicagoland come out to see the broadcast, as well as to win some great ESPN gear and tickets to a sporting event. Who doesn’t love free gear and tickets?

At every event, I am representing the ESPN brand. We are all about sports as well as professionalism. The events allow me the opportunity to meet a great deal of people. For instance, I meet the talent of the show, such as CSN Chicago’s Susannah Collins, as well as all the enthusiastic fans that interact with us at the promotions table. I have learned that the more enthusiastic we are, the more likely the fans are going to interact with us.

In addition to the events, I am able to network with radio professionals. I am able to sit in on sales meetings, as well as go on sales calls. I have learned how closely the sales and marketing teams work together. There is constant interaction between both sides of the office, and you can feel the energy in the office. Sometimes there is a bit of a frenzy when sales people are trying to close the deal, but in the end, all is well.

I am really enjoying my time as an ESPN 1000 intern, and I look forward to learning more about the business of radio, as well as learning more about myself as a future marketing professional.

The Channel IQ Intern- Phillip Moss


The setup at Channel IQ

Hello, my name is Phillip Moss and I am a Data analyst Intern at Channel IQ. Channel IQ is a marketing research company that focuses on data analytics. Channel IQ is an up-and coming company in the field of e-commerce. Our company looks at product and pricing data and creates specialized reports for our client companies.


Phillip at his desk, working as a Research Analyst Intern

A typical day for me involves arriving at work at 9am and checking in with 3 account managers. I work part time for 16 hours a week so I don’t have an assigned account manager. Full time data analysts are given a specific account manager. I receive a client from one of the account managers (Go Pro cameras for example) and I would go to my computer station and log onto OnRamp. OnRamp is a program that we use to search the internet for the product pages that our client’s products are distributed on. We check to make sure that the company’s minimum advertised price (MAP) is being honored by other companies. Our job is to match the products online with the actual products that the client lists and to remove information that is irrelevant to the client. We focus on three main websites: Amazon, EBay, and Google. Each account can have anywhere from 100 to a few thousand products. I can go through 1 to 3 product accounts a day, depending on the amount of results that the program pulls for a given product. I have a lunch break in between at 12 each day. I can ask questions at any time, which I had to do a lot in the beginning as I became knowledgeable of both the program and the ways each account manager wanted the reports to be at the end of the process. I also do quality control for the accounts, making sure that the computer accurately collected the data after I matched it.

deskChannel IQ is a growing company. It has about 40 workers. It is difficult to know exactly how many workers are actually there because some individuals work remotely. We have two different departments, the technology department is on the 6th floor and the business operations section is on the 7th floor. All workers can communicate with each other through a program called “Pigeon” which allows for instant messaging. It is very effective in connecting the two floors and allowing each department to stay in touch with day-to-day operations.

I have learned a lot from this internship. I like generating reports for client companies. I also learned a lot about e-commerce pricing policies. I own an eBay business and seeing how companies manage online distributers was very interesting. I believe that my business will be able to grow as a result of the processes that I learned in this internship. Channel IQ also taught me to use analytical skills to make key decisions. I love working here!

The Lynn Hazan & Associates Intern- Mikaela Odell

Lynn Hazan

Hi. I am a marketing student at DePaul University. I currently intern at Lynn Hazan and Associates, which is a marketing and communication recruiting firm. We help companies find top candidates. Our clients contact us and give information about their job openings. We listen to their requirements and create the job specs. I often assist in this process. I post the job specs to LH&A website so job seekers can see what different jobs are available. It is important to spread the new job openings. We always post them on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media sites. This is something I have done various times.

LH&A has many clients and therefore many top candidates to find. We talk to many potential employees. We interview and send the top ones to the actual company. I have been able to sit in on one interview so far. It is a great opportunity to learn what companies are looking. I also get a chance to debrief with my boss. We review what the candidate did well, and not so well. This gives me a change to critically analyze and therefore understand

how a great interview looks like.

One activity that I often do at the office is researching potential candidates and companies. LinkedIn is a great tool for this. I go through LinkedIn profiles and try to find a match of credentials that fits the job specs. I also research various groups on LinkedIn and post jobs when appropriate. Last week I wrote a transcript for a reference check on one of our potential candidates. I also assisted in creating a video about our company, plus the current job openings we have. I provided my boss with feedback on her dialogue and body language. I also assisted with the recording.

Pictured is Lynn Hazan, Mikaela's boss at LH&A, and founder of the company. She is also a board member of the DePaul Marketing Advisory Council.

Pictured is Lynn Hazan, Mikaela’s boss at LH&A, and founder of the company. She is also a board member of the DePaul Marketing Advisory Council.

LH&A is a small company with the owner, and one other person working there. What makes the company exciting is that they always work with interns. We are currently four interns at LH&A. We are going to create a humorous YouTube video together. The video will showcase what to do, and what not to do, at an interview. We are also going to explain what an interviewer can do, and cannot do. This project is going to be very exciting. This is only one example of how Lynn Hazan, the owner of LH&A, gets her interns motivated and educated. Another example is that we eat lunch together every day. Lynn always has a fun an educational activity planned. She really cares about her interns and makes sure we grow and learn.          Yesterday I received a new project that I will be working on. I am going to create a PowerPoint presentation.  Lynn is going to present it at an Independent Writers of Chicago event this summer. Lynn often attends events and I have gone to three different ones. The events are filled with influential professionals.  Today we attended a Business Marketing Association event. I helped with the set up and then ate lunch with the attendees. Helen McIntoch, global director of marketing and communication at Ingredion, was the guest speaker. She spoke about the marketing efforts behind Ingredion’s big brand change.  These events are insightful and I get to see how companies use marketing to become successful.

Being an intern at LH&A is great because it prepares me and teaches me about the job search process. I am also learning how to interview and how to stand out from the competition. My writing and researching skills are improving as well. Overall, LH&A is a great place to intern at. Here is the link to our website: Check it out.