A Day in the Life of the Black Diamond Solution Intern- Shahram Abbas

A Day in the Life of a Marketing Intern by Shahram Abbas

This summer I am working for Black Diamond Solutions. Created in 2004 Black Diamond provides a roadmap to connect your company to the 21st century. Through IT vision, IT process, and IT solution, Black Diamond will guide you through everything your company needs to operate in today’s market. Black Diamond provides businesses with network infrastructure composed of servers, storage, and virtualization, to help them those companies become successful. They also provide application security and cloud computing to help their clients protect and backup data. It is a private company that employs less than 50 people so it’s a small company.

I was hired by Black Diamond Solutions as one their main marketing interns. My main focus of area is blog researching/writing and SEO work. I help them optimize their website so they appear in Google rankings. Through link building and blog commentating, businesses in need of IT services can find us through the links provided in the comments I write in blogs. Basically, I try to find blogs or websites that are high ranking in certain keywords and then I will comment and link that comment back to our blog. This helps us get a higher Google page ranking and get more clients. I also use Google analytics and other sites to determine how are link building is doing. Google analytics helps our business determine who is clicking our links through social media, blogs and much more. It helps us analyze how effective we are in promoting our blog. In addition, I also help my supervisor work on a new blog. My task is to research different topics in technology and write a paragraph or two about it. Then we use SEO to promote our blog so more people know about Black Diamond Solutions.

Here is Shahram working at his desk!

Here is Shahram working at his desk!

Even though this internship is unpaid, I really enjoy this internship because it allows me to demonstrate my classroom experience in the real world. This internship helps me build experience and knowledge in the marketing field.  I am gaining so much more knowledge in this internship, in which I can help build my career off of and use it as a resume builder.  It gives me discipline and focus that helps me boosts my self-confidence. This will give me an opportunity to really show how hard working and dedicated of a person I can be. Through this internship it gives me skills for future jobs.  To conclude, this opportunity will help me get recommendation from my supervisor to help me in future job interviews and it looks good for my resume.

A Day in the Life of the Prudential Rubloff Properties’ Intern- Tania Hollander

A Day in the Life of a Prudential Rubloff Intern

Hello all! My name is Tania Hollander and I am an intern for the marketing department at Prudential Rubloff Properties. In 2009 two centers of real estate, Rubloff Residential Properties and Prudential Preferred Properties, merged together to form what is know today as Prudential Rubloff Properties. Since then, Prudential Rubloff Properties has grown and prospered into one of the leading real estate firms in the Chicagoland area.

My day at the office beings at 9:30am, but I always check my work email while walking to the office to make sure I am caught up on anything I might have missed over the weekend. As I only work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday things occasionally come up on Friday and Mondays and I like to be ready when I walk in Tuesday morning. I usually have an email from my manager on what she would like me to work on for the day, but if not I stop by her desk first to see if there is a top priority task I must complete. If not, I head on over to my desk to start my computer and get ready for the day!

My day-to-day tasks are a bit confusing to explain to someone who is not in real estate but I’ll give it a try! Once my computer is up and running, the first thing I always do is make sure I have no new eCard requests from the agents who I assist. ECard’s are simple virtual mailing cards that I create for agents upon request. The eCards are quick and easy to make, but I always want to make sure the agents approve them before I send them out, which is the time consuming part. After checking for any new requests, I next look to see if I need to update any of the homes listings, prices and photos online through our internal database. It’s fairly simple but as there as so many homes being sold it can take a long time! After I complete those tasks, I have pending projects that I must attend to that range from creating a blog post for Prudential Rubloff’s blog or drafting a social media content plan for their Facebook and Twitter account.

Prudential Rubloff Properties has fourteen different offices located throughout Cook, Lake and DuPage County. Chicago alone has six different offices! I work at the ‘Mag Mile’ office, which is also known as the corporate office on Michigan Avenue. Today, Prudential Rubloff has grown to become a leading real estate manager in Chicago and has nearly 850 sales professionals and staff. It has grown quite a lot since 2007!

So far my internship has been great! Not only have I met many new and nice people, but also I have learned that there is much to real estate that I had not known about before. Also, working in the corporate office I have learned that there is much that goes on that is not seen with the plain eye. My internship has provided me with the inside look into how a business is run and has given me much more respect for people who have the usual ‘desk job’. I still have a month left to go and cannot wait to see what else I learn!

Prudential Rubloff is now hiring interns, if you want to apply send your resume to ksteven6@depaul.edu

A Day in the Life of the Forever Yogurt Intern- Paula Chudy

A Day in the Life of a Forever Yogurt Marketing Intern

Paula Chudy at her internship with Forever Yogurt

Paula Chudy at her internship with Forever Yogurt

In the world of franchise business, constant product innovation and strategy is your bread and butter. On June 25th I started working at Forever Yogurt as a Marketing Intern. My main responsibilities include product research and product strategy implementation. Every day when I come to the office I start my day with coffee and a quick update meeting with my manager.  This helps to keep me up to date and on track with my projects. Excel, Power Point, Word and Google are my main work tools.  The majority of my time I spend researching information required for a project I am working on. Then, I gather data in a Word document or Excel spreadsheet and use it later when delivering my project in Power Point.

Currently, I am working on the “blizzard” type frozen yogurt as Forever Yogurt wants to expand its product offerings by adding a new form of frozen yogurt. Such a new value proposition might attract new customers and get current ones excited about Forever Yogurt. We would like to implement this product this summer as we are in the peak season. Also, the other exciting project that I am working on is cold brewed coffee. This product is becoming very popular as it is differently brewed from a typical iced coffee. Famous for dropping jaws and teasing appetites, this is the legendary method that takes between 2 and 24 hours — and sometimes longer. It is theatrical but deceptively simple, and can be enjoyed with or without any special equipment.

After spending most of my morning researching information for my projects, I grab lunch with my manager and some other employees. Because we are located at the heart of downtown we have an access to great restaurants and lunch places.  Sometimes, instead of going out for lunch, Forever Yogurt management team cooks burgers and other goodies for our team.  After lunch, I go back to work finishing up my research and organizing it in a Word document and Power Point. Closer to the end of the day, I discuss my work progress with my manager and look into my workload to prepare for the next day. A day in the life of a Forever Yogurt Marketing Intern is interesting and involving. I’m looking forward to seeing the projects I am working on being implemented and successful.

A Day in the Life of the 3M Intern- Nick Barbera

I am working for 3M American multinational conglomerate corporation that is based in NB 1Minnesota. Most people know 3M for some of their famous products that they use everyday like Post-it notes, Scotch Tape, and Command Strips, but what people don’t know is that they come into contact or use 3M products 150 times a day without knowing it. 3M products are in your car, phone and even in the building that you work or live in. 3M is a Dow Jones industrial average company and is rated as the 3rd most innovated company in America, only behind companies like Apple and Google. I am working in the Commercial Graphics division. This division makes all the vinyl wraps that are seen on cars, trucks, buildings, and signs all across America. Some major trucks that are wrapped using 3M material are Dr. Pepper, Coke, Pepsi, Wal-Mart, Target, and many cars that you see wrapped on the streets.

Trucks with advertisements like this are seen all over the country!

Trucks with advertisements like this are seen all over the country!

For my job I am focusing more on the individual shops that apply these wraps to cars and trucks. There are different types of films that 3M sells that are used for different applications and I try to help out customer understand what films will work the best for them and their shop. My title is Sales Representative so I make sure that the customer is educated on our products and what they can do for them. We do not sell direct to the customer, we sell through distribution centers so another part of my job is to educate the distribution reps on our products so when a 3M rep is not with them they can still educate the customer about our products.

My day to day activities start with setting up my schedule for a whole week. That means call distributor reps and set up joint sales calls with them. Next part would be making those sales calls with them to the end user of our products to ensure that they are using our products as well as making sure we can capitalize on sales that we don’t currently have. Next I have to fill out Seibel information on all the customers that I go into. Seibel is a CRM system that helps sales reps know what is going on in accounts as well as know what to talk about when you getting ready to go into that account. The last part of my job is to fill out all the proper expense reports as well as any other paper work that is due each week.

A Day in the Life of the Millward Brown Intern- Fiona Ju

My Wonderful Internship in Millward Brown

This summer, I am working as a research assistant intern at Millward Brown.

MIllward Brown is a global company focused on brands, media and communications. It is part of Kantar Group, the insights arm of WPP plc, and the world’s second largest market research and consulting organization after Nielsen Company. It works with 90% of the world’s leading brands. The company was founded in 1973 and is based in Warwick, United Kingdom with a network of more than 75 offices in 55 countries.

Fiona Ju at her internship desk!

Fiona Ju at her internship desk!

It provides research-based consultancy services that help marketers to manage their brands; and focuses on specific assignments and supports marketing programs. The company also offers neuroscience techniques, such as implicit measurement and emotional priming, facial coding, and eye tracking that create a possibility to get inside the mind of the consumer; and conducts workshops that unlock and inspire brand ideas in customers.

Generally speaking, my daily job is importing and exporting data from Millward Brown’s database which is called Roster, the most powerful database in the world. Also I need to analyze the data based on my clients requests and act as a subject matter expert on software and tools related to data delivery, particularly in the area of PowerPoint and other potential tools for delivering data to clients. My team is working for Procter & Gamble and our job is to offer P&G whatever data they want for developing their business. I collaborated with the team everyday and create aesthetically pleasing templates for them. Because of the hundreds of products P&G offered to the public, our workload is very heavy, for most of times, I need to work on several projects simultaneously. However, I really enjoy the busy work because it makes everyday count for me.

The people who work there are very nice and they are all experts in marketing research field. They are very intelligent, highly motivated and hard working, usually they arrive in the office before I get there and I never saw they leave at the time when they should get off work. My colleagues are very accessible, and are willing to jump in and help. I do learn many from them.

I cannot imagine how lucky I am that I got such a superb internship as an international student. I cherish this job opportunity so much and I am trying to learn new things everyday from this intern position. As a graduate student who wants to find a job which is related to marketing research, it is definitely a great start for me to begin my career in the United States. My internship experience in Millward Brown is awesome and I am willing to tell all my friends that we can find a good internship so long as we keep trying and never give up!

–Fiona Ju

The C.H. Robinson Intern-Allyson Turner

downloadI am a carrier sales representative intern for C.H. Robinson. I work directly under the number one carrier sales representative Paul Bogacz. My company is an international Fortune 250 company, the Chicago Central Branch housing 800 people.

In the mornings, I start my day off by looking at the shipments booked from the day before. I call the drivers and dispatchers and verify location and times of arrival and departure. We log every movement the driver makes with the load during the shipment. Once I have checked the previous loads, I work on compiling the driver information for the loads leaving the shipper that day. Once everyone has been checked in, I begin booking the loads that have yet to be assigned. When booking a load, I can receive a call from a random carrier, or have to search in our databases for a good fit. I look at their location, rating, and desired rates. Then, I begin to haggle over prices and “dollars per mile” that they want versus what I can pay them in order to still have a margin of commission for my representative.photo

Every day is busy and fulfilling. I try to book more loads than the day before and learn the secrets of the trade. I have learned exactly what makes a shipment more desirable than others aside from the monetary value assigned to them. I was evaluated by my direct superior, Paul, on Monday, and he gave me a perfect review. I was even asked to come back during the school year in my free time and work during my winter break. Three weeks into my internship, I have been offered a job after college. I am extremely happy with the way my internship has been going.