A Day in the Life of the 3M Intern- Nick Barbera

I am working for 3M American multinational conglomerate corporation that is based in NB 1Minnesota. Most people know 3M for some of their famous products that they use everyday like Post-it notes, Scotch Tape, and Command Strips, but what people don’t know is that they come into contact or use 3M products 150 times a day without knowing it. 3M products are in your car, phone and even in the building that you work or live in. 3M is a Dow Jones industrial average company and is rated as the 3rd most innovated company in America, only behind companies like Apple and Google. I am working in the Commercial Graphics division. This division makes all the vinyl wraps that are seen on cars, trucks, buildings, and signs all across America. Some major trucks that are wrapped using 3M material are Dr. Pepper, Coke, Pepsi, Wal-Mart, Target, and many cars that you see wrapped on the streets.

Trucks with advertisements like this are seen all over the country!

Trucks with advertisements like this are seen all over the country!

For my job I am focusing more on the individual shops that apply these wraps to cars and trucks. There are different types of films that 3M sells that are used for different applications and I try to help out customer understand what films will work the best for them and their shop. My title is Sales Representative so I make sure that the customer is educated on our products and what they can do for them. We do not sell direct to the customer, we sell through distribution centers so another part of my job is to educate the distribution reps on our products so when a 3M rep is not with them they can still educate the customer about our products.

My day to day activities start with setting up my schedule for a whole week. That means call distributor reps and set up joint sales calls with them. Next part would be making those sales calls with them to the end user of our products to ensure that they are using our products as well as making sure we can capitalize on sales that we don’t currently have. Next I have to fill out Seibel information on all the customers that I go into. Seibel is a CRM system that helps sales reps know what is going on in accounts as well as know what to talk about when you getting ready to go into that account. The last part of my job is to fill out all the proper expense reports as well as any other paper work that is due each week.

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