A Day in the Life of the Millward Brown Intern- Fiona Ju

My Wonderful Internship in Millward Brown

This summer, I am working as a research assistant intern at Millward Brown.

MIllward Brown is a global company focused on brands, media and communications. It is part of Kantar Group, the insights arm of WPP plc, and the world’s second largest market research and consulting organization after Nielsen Company. It works with 90% of the world’s leading brands. The company was founded in 1973 and is based in Warwick, United Kingdom with a network of more than 75 offices in 55 countries.

Fiona Ju at her internship desk!

Fiona Ju at her internship desk!

It provides research-based consultancy services that help marketers to manage their brands; and focuses on specific assignments and supports marketing programs. The company also offers neuroscience techniques, such as implicit measurement and emotional priming, facial coding, and eye tracking that create a possibility to get inside the mind of the consumer; and conducts workshops that unlock and inspire brand ideas in customers.

Generally speaking, my daily job is importing and exporting data from Millward Brown’s database which is called Roster, the most powerful database in the world. Also I need to analyze the data based on my clients requests and act as a subject matter expert on software and tools related to data delivery, particularly in the area of PowerPoint and other potential tools for delivering data to clients. My team is working for Procter & Gamble and our job is to offer P&G whatever data they want for developing their business. I collaborated with the team everyday and create aesthetically pleasing templates for them. Because of the hundreds of products P&G offered to the public, our workload is very heavy, for most of times, I need to work on several projects simultaneously. However, I really enjoy the busy work because it makes everyday count for me.

The people who work there are very nice and they are all experts in marketing research field. They are very intelligent, highly motivated and hard working, usually they arrive in the office before I get there and I never saw they leave at the time when they should get off work. My colleagues are very accessible, and are willing to jump in and help. I do learn many from them.

I cannot imagine how lucky I am that I got such a superb internship as an international student. I cherish this job opportunity so much and I am trying to learn new things everyday from this intern position. As a graduate student who wants to find a job which is related to marketing research, it is definitely a great start for me to begin my career in the United States. My internship experience in Millward Brown is awesome and I am willing to tell all my friends that we can find a good internship so long as we keep trying and never give up!

–Fiona Ju

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