A Day in the Life of the Forever Yogurt Intern- Paula Chudy

A Day in the Life of a Forever Yogurt Marketing Intern

Paula Chudy at her internship with Forever Yogurt

Paula Chudy at her internship with Forever Yogurt

In the world of franchise business, constant product innovation and strategy is your bread and butter. On June 25th I started working at Forever Yogurt as a Marketing Intern. My main responsibilities include product research and product strategy implementation. Every day when I come to the office I start my day with coffee and a quick update meeting with my manager.  This helps to keep me up to date and on track with my projects. Excel, Power Point, Word and Google are my main work tools.  The majority of my time I spend researching information required for a project I am working on. Then, I gather data in a Word document or Excel spreadsheet and use it later when delivering my project in Power Point.

Currently, I am working on the “blizzard” type frozen yogurt as Forever Yogurt wants to expand its product offerings by adding a new form of frozen yogurt. Such a new value proposition might attract new customers and get current ones excited about Forever Yogurt. We would like to implement this product this summer as we are in the peak season. Also, the other exciting project that I am working on is cold brewed coffee. This product is becoming very popular as it is differently brewed from a typical iced coffee. Famous for dropping jaws and teasing appetites, this is the legendary method that takes between 2 and 24 hours — and sometimes longer. It is theatrical but deceptively simple, and can be enjoyed with or without any special equipment.

After spending most of my morning researching information for my projects, I grab lunch with my manager and some other employees. Because we are located at the heart of downtown we have an access to great restaurants and lunch places.  Sometimes, instead of going out for lunch, Forever Yogurt management team cooks burgers and other goodies for our team.  After lunch, I go back to work finishing up my research and organizing it in a Word document and Power Point. Closer to the end of the day, I discuss my work progress with my manager and look into my workload to prepare for the next day. A day in the life of a Forever Yogurt Marketing Intern is interesting and involving. I’m looking forward to seeing the projects I am working on being implemented and successful.

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