A Day in the Life of the Black Diamond Solution Intern- Shahram Abbas

A Day in the Life of a Marketing Intern by Shahram Abbas

This summer I am working for Black Diamond Solutions. Created in 2004 Black Diamond provides a roadmap to connect your company to the 21st century. Through IT vision, IT process, and IT solution, Black Diamond will guide you through everything your company needs to operate in today’s market. Black Diamond provides businesses with network infrastructure composed of servers, storage, and virtualization, to help them those companies become successful. They also provide application security and cloud computing to help their clients protect and backup data. It is a private company that employs less than 50 people so it’s a small company.

I was hired by Black Diamond Solutions as one their main marketing interns. My main focus of area is blog researching/writing and SEO work. I help them optimize their website so they appear in Google rankings. Through link building and blog commentating, businesses in need of IT services can find us through the links provided in the comments I write in blogs. Basically, I try to find blogs or websites that are high ranking in certain keywords and then I will comment and link that comment back to our blog. This helps us get a higher Google page ranking and get more clients. I also use Google analytics and other sites to determine how are link building is doing. Google analytics helps our business determine who is clicking our links through social media, blogs and much more. It helps us analyze how effective we are in promoting our blog. In addition, I also help my supervisor work on a new blog. My task is to research different topics in technology and write a paragraph or two about it. Then we use SEO to promote our blog so more people know about Black Diamond Solutions.

Here is Shahram working at his desk!

Here is Shahram working at his desk!

Even though this internship is unpaid, I really enjoy this internship because it allows me to demonstrate my classroom experience in the real world. This internship helps me build experience and knowledge in the marketing field.  I am gaining so much more knowledge in this internship, in which I can help build my career off of and use it as a resume builder.  It gives me discipline and focus that helps me boosts my self-confidence. This will give me an opportunity to really show how hard working and dedicated of a person I can be. Through this internship it gives me skills for future jobs.  To conclude, this opportunity will help me get recommendation from my supervisor to help me in future job interviews and it looks good for my resume.

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