A Day in the Life of the Magid Glove and Safety Intern- Joyce Dong

Magid Glove & Safety Marketing Intern- Joyce Dong

I am Joyce Dong and an international student originally from China, Shanghai. I am working for Magid Glove & Safety as a marketing intern, which is my first job in United States. Honestly I was so excited that cannot wait to start my internship life. First let me slightly introduce the company I am working for. Magid Glove & Safety is a mid-size family-owned company dedicating in manufacturing and distributing in personal protective products (i.e. protective gloves, protective wearables, ear/eye protection). My company was posited in the mid-range amongst the entire PPE (personal protective equipment) industry, rooting in current position primarily depends on its value-for-money pricing strategy attracting corporate and individual customers pursuing high quality but fair price.

My daily working duty basically is coordinating to whole marketing department, being the back-up power. The range of my work is pretty wide, from conventional marketing dealing with prospective leads to marketing research to social media to event marketing and to such trivial works as data entry, hotel reservation and etc.

Joyce Dong_Photo for Blog Content

When coming up with a special day so far at Magid Open, I will say that day belongs to Magid Open House Day.  I felt that it was the first time that I showed my value to be a Magid intern. Our marketing department worked for a whole month to plan for this event. Magid Open House, basically is the event to bring our big corporate clients and vendors to know about Magid products, including how it manufactured by showing them our manufacturing plant, how Magid do with the warehouse management system, exhibiting all Magid and vendor products.  We arrived at office and started to work at 7 a.m. on that day, decorating our venue with colorful balloons and ribbons, setting up sign-in table with sign-in sheet and name tag prepared, hanging up parking guiding signs and setting gift tables with souvenir bags orderly arrayed. Anyway, it was a busy morning. Our open house event started at 10:30 a.m. when clients, suppliers and vendors were coming one by one, my busy day official began. My duty at this event was to pitch photographer and accompanied to those suppliers from China doing translation if necessary when touring around Magid factory and warehouse. After lunch time serving them with snacks and beverage, those people started to visit around the exhibit booth for Magid and vendor’s products. This open house event offered a chance, for client, to better understanding Magid’s commitments that be your reliable safety solution provider; for vendor, showing them how Magid do business including manufacturing and distribution, basically exhibit Magid business potential for co-op program (co-op program is that Magid sold 3M, Ansell, DuPont products together with Magid products, in order to raise fund from those company for marketing use).

From this less than a month working experience in Magid Glove & Safety, I learned a lot from my co-workers about marketing professional knowledge. The most valuable part for this internship I will say it open a door make me start to know this PPE industry, which is a blank in my information base before. To be a good marketer, only know one or a couple of industry is far from enough. A good marketer should be an expertise in every industry and well informed about every industrial tendency lately happened worldwide, in which way one can develop an acute market insight to optimize marketing strategy pushed by mainstream impulse.

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