A Day in the Life of the Berlin Packaging Intern- Hannah Pulliam

“A Day in the Life of a Marketing Intern”

As told by Hannah Pulliam

When I received an email from my Consumer Behavior professor at DePaul about an internship opportunity, I didn’t really think too much about it. I already had two job offers for the summer and decided just to apply in case it went somewhere. After I got offered the interview, I really started looking into the company. Berlin Packaging is a hybrid packaging supplier and has a work culture like none other. Everyone is highly competitive and they work ruthlessly to thrill our customers. I could not have picked a better place to intern.

May 13th brought me to the corner of Monroe and Canal to begin what would end up being an even better experience than I imagined. My first day was chalk full of meetings and getting to know the company and its culture. I also received news that my supervisor would be leaving in two weeks to take a new job at a different company. This meant that my internship would be taking over most of her role. The immediate increase in responsibility was a bit overwhelming at first and still can be but being the sole market researcher for Berlin is highly rewarding. I talk to sales people about different industries and get research requests so they can be knowledgeable and helpful when dealing directly with customers. I use Datamonitor and Euromonitor to research different categories and make presentations for either sales people or our prospects and customers. We have 24 business units around the country and are worth around $800 million.

Hannah P 2

I am also helping out with social media and doing other tasks around the office. As a marketing intern, I have the privilege of being involved with the corporate office as well as Studio One Eleven. ‘The Studio’ is a part of our company that is incredibly unique in the packaging industry. Its creative design and marketing services are offered to Berlin customers for free with a commitment to our packaging.  I have been writing Tweets daily and try to find interesting articles that are relative to what we do. We pride ourselves in innovation, especially with Studio One Eleven.  I also write ‘packaging perspectives’ for our website which are blogs about trending topics in the industry.

I have gotten the opportunity to travel to South Bend, Indiana for customer experience meetings with the South Bend Silverhawks, a minor league baseball team owned by our Chief Executive Officer Andrew Berlin. I have been able to be a part of important conference calls with other companies. I have been lucky to meet and work with some great people and have valued my time at Berlin Packaging.

A Day in the Life of the ACH Food Company Intern- Matt Zaruba

My name is Matt Zaruba. I’m a going to be a senior at DePaul University and I’m pursuing a degree in marketing with a concentration in sale leadership and I am also minoring in management. This summer I’m interning at a company called ACH Food Companies, Inc. ACH Food is a consumer packaged goods company and is a child company of Associated British Foods Inc. (ABF). ACH Food has many brands under its name, brands such as; Mazola Cooking Oil, Fleischmann’s yeast, Weber Grill seasonings, and many more. ACH Food Companies, Inc is located in Oakbrook Terrace, IL and is located in the Parkview Plaza.

Here is Matt's desk!

Here is Matt’s desk!

I will be working in the marketing department and will be assuming the duties of an assistant brand manager for the various brands and products that ACH Food produces. My day to day activities vary on most days but there are some routine duties I fulfill every day. On a typical day I will come into the office and will pull data from Information Resources Inc. (IRI) and analyze it. When analyzing the data I’m looking for trends or information that will help tell the story of a product in the market; whether it be showing growth in a specific region or seeing where there is a pricing sensitivity to the market. But like most jobs, there are various other activities that I’m engaged in at a work. For example one day I attended a focus group study in Chicago to see how well our commercials conveyed the message of our product. Other days I help the assistant brand managers with working on creative free standing inserts (FSI) and packaging for some of the new products that will be launching soon.  I also have been engaged in several sales meetings as well as segmentation and advertising meetings.

ACH Food Companies, Inc. is a relatively big company with 500-1000 employees working in the various locations throughout North America. There are corporate buildings in Illinois, Tennessee, Iowa and Mexico. ACH Food packages consumer goods for sale to business retailers and they also manufacture some of the brands that they own such as Mazola cooking oils. The main manufacturing plant for ACH Food is in Ankeny, Iowa.

Here is a focus group from Chicago!

Here is a focus group from Chicago!

So far working at ACH Food has been an amazing experience. I was nervous to start working in such a large office but I was give good direction and help by my co-workers. I was surprised the amount of responsibility and trust that my superiors and co-workers have given me and I have learned a lot of vital lessons from that. Working in as an assistant brand manager has helped point me in the direction of where I want to take my future career. I am learning a lot of professional skills from my co-workers and how to deal with clients and other professionals with troubling situations. I have also gained a lot of knowledge on the field of marketing in many ways ranging from advertising, sales, category management, packaging and many more.