A Day in the Life of the OMSS Intern- Christine Chen

Hello everyone! My name is Christine Chen and I am currently a scholarship intern for the Office of Multicultural Success located here in DePaul’s Lincoln Park Campus Room 304. I have been involved with OMSS since I was a first year student, as a STARS mentee and a mentor. After being committed to the office for a while, one of the Assistant Directors in the office had asked me to return as an intern.

The Office of Multicultural Success Team

The Office of Multicultural Success Team

To introduce the office, the Office of Multicultural Student Success is an office under student affairs that outreaches to students of multicultural background, low-income status, or is of first generation status through financial aid resources and scholarships, mentorship programs, and developmental workshops. The office is divided up into three areas, (name areas here) with three assistant directors under our head director that help run the office. I, myself, work for Jeff Brown who runs area 2: Academics, Leadership and Identity Development of the office. JB facilitates and oversees students that are recipients of certain scholarships that OMSS offers; he coordinates and creates developmental workshops for these students to utilize, while also helping them prove their success academically.

As a scholarship intern, overall my main job is to increase the awareness of scholarships to these students that fall under the specific profile. In order to do so, I do a lot of social media marketing; I design and develop a social media plan to increase students’ awareness. For instance, I help direct these students to scholarship opportunities in one convenient place so they can all access these applications easily. I create a database that keeps track of students who are inquiring about certain scholarships while also sending out this information. Additionally, I help with administrative activities such as facilitating over the front desk of the office and our study jams events.

DePaul's Office of Multicultural Success

DePaul’s Office of Multicultural Success

With the time I have been in this particular office, I have experienced many different sides of it. I have to give credit to this office because they have helped shape me to the “leader” I am today and have guided me to my path of success. As my efforts are noted greatly in this office, what really matters is the effect that it does for the students individually. This office is very beneficial to students who fit under the specific profile (as well as those who do not, they can still utilize our services) through financial aid, those who struggle with their identity and how to navigate their college experience. What I’ve taken out of this internship is that overall, the office recognizes each student’s individual efforts with something greater than a scholarship: I believe that the lessons that are given by the office are what carry the students through their college years and potentially the rest of their life.



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