A Day in the Life of an Alliance for Lupus Research Intern- Mohammad Musleh

Currently, I volunteer and am an active Planning Committee Member for the Alliance for Lupus Research, ALR for short. The ALR is an amazing non-profit organization that raises funds for Lupus research as well as spreading awareness of the disease itself since it is fairly new. The organization itself is based out of New York but has chapters throughout the entire United States.

As an Active Committee Member for Chicago, it’s my job to help raise funds for the Annual Walk for A Cure event. At the walk “teams” from all around Chicago come together after a year of raising money for the organization and participate in the walk at Diversey Harbor downtown. It’s a great event where you meet great people of all walks of life who in some way have been affected by the disease or are just there to support those who are affected. The walk itself is about a 3 mile walk and ends with a BBQ and great music!

Here is a picture of Team Luck Fupus from the 2012 Walk!

Here is a picture of Team Luck Fupus from the 2012 Walk!

The objective of each team is to raise money in whatever way they can and can be as creative as possible! My team has come up with the team name “Luck Fupus”. I’m sure you can figure that one out. Last year we raised over $2500 at our first annual event which was a 4 course dinner at Café Lucci in Glenview. This year we are looking to have a Halloween costume party fundraiser and hope to get close to our previous amount or even top it. So throughout the year, my team and I are actively looking for different ideas on how we can raise money throughout the year.

So why am I so involved? Well, both my older sisters currently suffer from this auto immune disease. Currently there is no cure and there is not much research currently being done. I see them struggle and it absolutely breaks my heart that there is not much I personally can do to help ease their pain. As a brother, I felt it was my duty to help out in any way possible and I finally have found an outlet to do so. This experience has taught me how to just be able to give and think of those other than yourself.

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