A Day in the Life of the InnerWorkings Promotional Marketing Intern- Shelby Jancin

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InnerWorkings is a print management and promotional services company.  They offer a wide array of services aiming at reducing inefficiencies in the supply chain.  These services range from sourcing print materials, point of purchase displays, packaging, and branded merchandise; overseeing production; logistics; and warehousing.   InnerWorkings serves as the intermediary between the end user and the suppliers.

 My Position

Currently, I am interning as a Promotional Marketing Coordinator.  I specifically work within the promotional products division assisting in sourcing and production.

 Daily Responsibilities

Being a Promotional Marketing Coordinator brings different responsibilities each day.  I assist in all stages in production including sourcing ideas along with overseeing production, purchasing, and shipping.  Multitasking is inherent within a marketing coordinator job.  I work on a multiple client projects each day as well as some administrative tasks.

I communicate with clients, suppliers, and our internal teams on a daily basis.  Clients reach out for ideas on new projects as well as re-ordering past projects.  We often set up meetings with the clients that allow us to discuss their projects in person and continue to build business relationships.  My job requires that I come up with creative solutions for their promotional product needs that meet their branding requirements on-budget, on-time and with the highest level of service and quality.

InnerWorkings has a preferred circle of 150 vendors that have been approved based on having met quality and safety standards that I use as a resource for researching ideas.  We frequently communicate with vendors to collaborate on ideas for client projects, receive virtual layouts of current and potential orders, confirm pricing, and ensure production goes smoothly.  Once a week, we have a vendor come in to show us the new products in their line.

Internally, we have a team of 10 people who work specifically with promotional products.  We often pool ideas as it is helpful to gain other perspectives.  In addition, I work with my sales reps on current projects and coordinate with other departments, such as Finance, to expedite client projects.  We also have a showroom (pictured below) that has samples of past projects.  This can be used for inspiration, education, and is helpful when clients come for meetings at our office.

Company Size

InnerWorkings is a global company. The company is headquartered in Chicago with a offices in 30 countries throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. There are approximately 1,400 employees in the entire company.

I work in the Chicago office which has about 100 employees.  The promotional products team consists of about 10 people, however we all work for different sales reps.

More specifically, I work under my direct manager for one sales rep.  As a team of three we work closely to make sure our clients are satisfied.  I conveniently sit right next to my direct manager and we are both located outside of our sales rep’s office.


My internship has given my great insight into the branding and marketing field.  I continually learn new information regarding branding requirements and new ways of communicating.  I am extremely grateful that my sales rep has bestowed as much responsibility on me as she has.  She makes sure to include me in as much face to face contact with the clients as possible as well as continually develop my skills.

My favorite part about my internship is that I have been able to tailor my position, in some regards, to my interests and strengths.  I have always enjoyed math, analysis, details, and planning.  Luckily, my team needed a person to run reports periodically.  This responsibility evolved from looking at our client totals to using the reports to create strategies for handling accounts.  I now run reports that allow us to identify the clients who we obtain the highest margins with, do the most volume, place the most orders, and determine the percentages of their orders that are print versus promotional products.  We use this information to plan meetings and how to handle our top accounts.


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