A Day in the Life of the “Weed Man” Intern- Jenna Trusso

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Dear Reader,

 About 40 years ago now, a company was planted in the soils of Canada. Overtime, this company’s root grew and spread like wildfire across North America. This company is called Weed Man. I know what your all thinking, “haha like a drug guy”… no, not that kind of weed. My name is Jenna Trusso and I work for Weed Man Aurora as a marketing supervisor. Weed Man is the largest lawn service franchise company in all of North America. There are over 350 franchises in the United States with limited left; Canada has already sold out of its franchises. Weed Man Aurora covers seven towns in the NW suburbs of Chicago. Our team consists of one owner, one sales manager, two marketing supervisors, and 10 high school students.

In the life of a marketing supervisor you get to experience the best of all worlds, field work, office work, marketing, sales, face-to-face communication, upper management, and also the younger generation. My day-to-day activities involve one of two things. The first, sitting in the office or my home creating schedules, marketing material, or assisting my boss. Second of the two activities is managing a team of high school doorknockers. My job is to train thedoorknockers on how to pitch a sale for a free quote in about 10 seconds, how to handle objections and how to close the sale. Every workday the door knocking crew comes into the office, I assign them tablets and doors to knock on, they get suited up, and we head out to the neighborhood of the day.

Driving and coaching the kids all shift can get a little frustrating at times; they are high school boys keep in mind. Personally, this has been a huge change for me. Past internships I have been working with a lot of upper management and C-level executives, now I am working mainly with high school students. The management and sales techniques needed to control and effectively educate kids vs. adults are very different. Through this it has allowed me to learn how to properly manage a 20 team of different age groups and maturity levels. Weed Man has also allowed me to strengthen my short sale skills as well as my long sale skills.

Due to the fact that this is a new franchise we have had a bumpy start. When starting a company there is a lot that must go into the process of hiring, project management, marketing and becoming a strong competitor against competition. I do strongly suggest everyone get involved with a start-up company at some point. It has truly taught me a lot about the process, difficulties, and rewards there are to having a strong marketing, sales and management system for a company.

Thank you for reading,

Jenna Trusso

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