A Day in the Life of the JP Morgan Intern- Ken Jaroenchisakon

Let’s Go For A Summer Ride In JPMorgan

A few years ago being here was just a dream that seems so far out of reach. As a commercial banking marketing summer analyst, I am thrilled to share with you a glimpse of my journey that can’t be replicated in any lecture hall.

View from JP Morgan building

Within the first two hours of my internship, I found myself sitting next to my managers for an important conference call (drumroll please). Don’t get too excited because it took me less than seconds to scribble metrics and software operations all over my notebook. Since then, I had jumped onto this speeding train that I knew would take me to my destination.


Fast forward, a lot has changed since that meeting. From conducting market research to implementing split tests to familiarizing myself with marketing platforms like BrightEdge and CQ5, I have harvested a plethora of tech and analytical skills. I am further entrusted to prepare dashboard proposals that will ultimately be presented to executive directors (cheers to a mind-blowing project!).


The department is dynamic and collaborative, so team events are coordinated on a routine basis. One of my memorable moments occurred when we went bowling with the New York team. Just don’t ask me about my score! Oh, about networking. There are intern events and speaker series every week. I always try to schedule additional time to grab lunch or coffee (hazelnut frap for me) and chat with members from different lines of business. I can’t thank them enough for squeezing me into their busy schedule.


As summer comes to close, I must confess I am having a hard time leaving this world that I had dreamed about for so long. Appreciation for the extensive education platform and learning opportunity is an understatement. Whether or not I receive an invitation back next summer, I am still proud of my decision to try.Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


Lastly, one of the many valuable takeaways from my time here is humility. Someone in fact once said to me, “If everyone had the opportunity that I had, I wouldn’t be standing here.” His name was Jamie Dimon.


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