A Day in the Life of the MedQuery Sales Intern- DJ Diaz

djdiazI work for a rapidly growing medical market research company called MedQuery. My internship there is unlike most internships. I am not simply some young kid who does busy work or make coffee. At MedQuery, the interns are an integral part of the team. I work hand in hand with the other employees and supervisors. MedQuery specializes in medical market research recruiting and my main job is to recruit patients and doctors to participate in a wide array of studies.

Regardless of the study we are working on, each day is pretty similar. The day starts by checking any emails, listening to voicemails and generally getting settled in. Then the recruiters and the client service manager for each team meet with the client service and operations director. These Daily Task Focus (DTF) meetings set down tasks to do and goals to reach for each project your team is responsible for. After the meeting then the real work starts. At the initial launch of a study we will send out an email to members of our panel who may qualify for our study with a link for them take the screener online. Most of the time emails are not enough and we need to pick up the phone. A majority of my day will be spent calling through our panel of respondents to see if they would be willing to participate and walking them through the study screener to see if they qualify. Some projects are very easy to recruit for while others seem nearly impossible.

MedQuery is still a relatively young and small company. At only 9 years old and with 14 employees it still has that start-up company vibe. But don’t let the size fool you. MedQuery is growing fast and quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Working for a small company has its advantages. The amount of responsibilities and duties that I have would not be possible at a larger company. Similarly, at a larger company I would not get the one on one attention and mentoring that I currently get not only from my supervisor but also from everyone else in the office. I get to interact with everyone in the office everyday and it is helping me learn so much. I have learned more about the ins and outs of market research, how to make cold calls, how to work well with others and so much more. MedQuery is a great place to work with so much room for growth.

Want to work for MedQuery? They are currently hiring! For more information, and to apply to a position with MedQuery, visit this page.

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