A Day in the Life of a C1 Revolution Editorial Intern- Brianna Ryce

Hello! My name is Brianna Ryce and I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. This fall quarter, I have been able to intern for C1 Revolution.

pC1 Revolution is a start-up public relations company located in the city of Chicago. C1 Revolution not only creates brand amplification through influencer marketing, but strives to bring a modern role to public relations as well. The work of C1 Revolution is reflective of new communication trends and growing technology.

My specific title is editorial intern. As an editorial intern, my main responsibilities include developing media strategies, writing articles for the company’s and its clients’ websites, and creating pitches to be presented to journalists, television producers, etc. Since C1 Revolution is a relatively new company with a small team of four full-time members, I also aid the company in other departments as well. For instance, I assist in researching potential companies or organizations that are relevant to C1 Revolution and its clients and help manage the content and effectiveness of social media accounts.

Overall, I really enjoy the atmosphere of working in a start-up company. It has allowed me to gain valuable insight and experience in multiple areas of the company. My daily activities are never limited to one specific task. On one day, I might have to write an article for a client’s website; whereas the next day, I could be pitching the founders of C1 Revolution to a local newspaper.

As an undergraduate student-intern, I believe it is extremely beneficial to have the opportunity to take on many different tasks within a company. Therefore, after the internship is completed, one can walk away with as much knowledge and understanding of a particular field as possible. I have had the fortunate pleasure of being able to learn the ropes of public relations and marketing under a company that is eager to make a statement for itself in the city of Chicago. Every week, I am a witness to the commitment, obsession with details, and courage that exist within each member of C1 Revolution. We are truly the “Crazy Ones”.

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