A Day in the Life of Tagprints Digital Intern/Co-founder Andy Marsh

Through TagPrints Digital, I can build off my passion for marketing through internal marketing while extending beyond that through marketing solutions on behalf of my clients.

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The solution that Tagprints came up with for CDW

Hello DePaul Marketers! My name is Andy Marsh and I am the Managing Partner of TagPrints Digital, a digital marketing and social activation agency founded in 2013. In a nutshell, our 6 person team collaborates with experiential marketing agencies to build technology solutions that interact with social media at live events. By implementing social media activation technology at events, attendees are given an incentive to self-promote the event while brands can simultaneously connect with attendees in an organic fashion. These events range from marketing activations to trade shows with clients such as CDW, NBC, Colgate, and Ciroc, to name a few.

As one of two leaders at the agency, you can find me actively involved in marketing, sales, solution development and much more. Being a relatively new company, inbound marketing is a core component of acquiring new business. As an example, I have formed unique partnerships with leading trade organizations such as BizBash and Exhibitor Magazine. For BizBash, I oversee the acquisition of social media metrics for their expos and then transform the data into infographics to be globally published. For Exhibitor Magazine, the go-to resource for trade shows and exhibits, I will be leading a Google Analytics workshop in March at Exhibitor Live in Las Vegas. This workshop will focus on analyzing website data in correlation to an exhibitor’s offline marketing on the trade show floor. By adopting this inbound approach, we are exposed to key prospects by providing valuable insight from TagPrints Digital with the intent of positioning ourselves as social and digital marketing experts.

As experiential marketing agencies approach us for custom solutions, I manage everything related to the sale while my partner manages the execution and development of the solution. For example, we are currently working with Borden Dairy on an eight week long national product activation. I was the initial point of contact and the TagPrints Digital representative through the entire process. Once the sale was solidified, my business partner handled the execution of the sale.

For those who know me, they would acknowledge my passion for entrepreneurship and marketing. I love taking new risks, especially in the context of marketing. Through TagPrints Digital, I can build off my passion for marketing through internal marketing while extending beyond that through marketing solutions on behalf of my clients. Learning the ins-and-outs of digital and social marketing provides me with deep insight towards the future of marketing progression. Most importantly, this career has provided me with the opportunity to build strategic relationships with top marketing agencies and marketing directors at globally recognized companies.blogandy


A Day in the Life of the Chicago Tribune Intern- Mady Johnston

This internship has taught me ways that marketing can be fun and interactive!

My name is Mady and I am a senior interning for Tribune Events Group at the Chicago Tribune. My role as an Event Production intern includes planning and producing events fpicor Chicago Tribune, Chicago magazine, RedEye, and TribNation. These brands that fall under the Tribune Company umbrella all target different audiences. My Event Marketing team creates custom events and produces in all eight of the Tribune Company’s markets, including: Chicago, Los Angeles, Orlando, and Baltimore.

The Tribune Company recently divided into Tribune Media and Tribune Publishing. Tribune Media remains in charge of broadcasting and digital assets. Tribune Publishing is the division that takes full responsibility for the newspaper and print parts of the company. The Marketing & Events department falls into Tribune Publishing.

On a daily basis I work with sponsors, create event social media plans, contact clients, coordinate event staffing and run the Tribune Events Group social media handles. My job is interesting because I am not marketing a physical product, but am marketing the events that we produce. Tribune Publishing created Tribune Events Group to make the print publications more engaging. Therefore, by marketing these specialized events to target audiences we hope to retain newspaper and print customers.

In October 2014, we created a custom event for Mattress Firm entering the Chicagoland market. My team invited the Guinness Book of World Records to come record and watch as we broke the world record for the highest mattress stack outside Tribune Tower. You can see a photo from the event above with Benny the Bull and Staley Da Bear. They both came to cheer us on! It was fun to market Mattress Firm as a company through our event and watch the results through social media responses and sales. This internship has taught me ways that marketing can be fun and interactive! I would definitely recommend this position to anyone looking to go into marketing, public relations, or event planning.

A Day in the Life of the Greenheart Travel Intern- Elyse Van Bloemen Waanders

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I’m reaching the halfway mark of my internship and so far it has been an amazing experience. I’m currently interning at Greenheart Travel as a travel volunteer intern. Greenheart Travel is a division of a larger company called Greenheart International. My division specifically focuses on cultural immersion programs for teens and adults. We offer six main programs; high school abroad, teach abroad, work abroad, language schools, and volunteer abroad. Greenheart Travel itself is a much smaller company. We have ten people working in our division. Each person manages one or two of the programs.

My day-to-day activities vary everyday as I’m constantly adding new projects to my schedule but my days start off pretty much the same. I get to work check emails and enter new leads into Salesforce. Leads are prospective program participants. When they fill out a program form online, we get an email and then have to enter their details into Salesforce, which keeps track of our leads and contacts. I email the leads through Salesforce to start their application process. After working on entering leads, I log in to my supervisor’s Facebook and post and interact with participants as her. I also post in our various Facebook groups to try to create a community online among our past and current participants. Some other day activities include smaller tasks such as answering calls, taking messages, writing blog posts, and researching new ways to market our company.

Some projects I have worked on so far include advertising for events, finding and reaching out to high school contacts, revamping sections on the website, posting on social media platforms and implementing ways to boost activity online. I created a sign to place on their table at events to encourage people to sign up online and look at their website rather than take their pamphlets as Greenheart Travel strives to encourage an environmental friendly community.

Working for Greenheart Travel has been really enlightening. I discovered some work habits of mine that were unknown to me before starting here. I like the feel of working in a smaller division like in Greenheart Travel. I like that it is part of a much larger company that would allow me room to grow and move around within the company. It also has created a great community within our division. Everyone in our office is really friendly and fun, making this a very comfortable and welcoming environment to work in. As a marketing major I think I want to be a part of a company’s marketing department where I can work more on the design side of marketing.

However, I have learned a lot during my time here so far. I now know what it’s like to be in an office setting. I’ve learned how to conduct myself in an office setting as well as with other employees and clients. I feel comfortable and confident talking about Greenheart Travel and what the company offers. It really has been the best first internship I could’ve asked for. I’ve gained independence as well as responsibility. It has really opened my eyes as to what things I will be looking for in a future career.


Greenheart has some great options for travel for DePaul students to earn credit. Learn about their company at their website and follow them on Facebook & Twitter.

A Day in the Life of the KIND Healthy Snacks Intern- Justin Komosa

Justin Komosa at his internship as a brand ambassador for  KIND Healthy Snacks

Justin Komosa at his internship as a brand ambassador for KIND Healthy Snacks

Working on the Chicago field marketing team for KIND Healthy Snacks is rarely easy, but it’s almost always fun, energizing, and diverse.  As a KIND Brand Ambassador, the sole purpose of my job is to increase the brand’s exposure & visibility while encouraging consumers to try the product. A favorite aspect of my job is that I have a wide range of typical day-to-day activities, and no two days are alike.

I was hired by KIND in 2012 as the only brand ambassador on the Chicago team, which only consisted of two other people at the time. Today, I have helped grow our team from two to ten employees in under 24 months. This explosive growth has helped me learn how to grow and manage multiple brand activations, focus on our target market segments, and even assemble a tent on the beach.

Much of what I do involves event marketing, which includes setting up a tent, booth, and table to sample from. I’m also involved in guerrilla sampling. This is where at least two team members hop in our KIND-branded Jeep armed with thousands of KIND bars to give away at a predetermined location, such as a Metra commuter stop or Soldier Field on game day. While this may seem like a fairly simple execution, lots of planning and strategizing that happens behind the scenes before the sampling begins. A portion of my job includes store demos where I allow shoppers to sample pieces of product in hopes they’ll make a full purchase. Coordinating demos at the right stores during the right sales promotion is crucial to a demo’s success. While this is the least exciting function of my position, I enjoy the quality interactions I share with

Justin's team stands at one of the booths he sets up for his event marketing with KIND healthy snacks

Justin’s team stands at one of the booths he sets up for his event marketing with KIND healthy snacks


The most important aspect of my job involves coordinating strategic event partnerships, like ALS Les Turner Foundation or Big Ten. Acquiring these partners is a big win for our team because this gives KIND the opportunity to be the exclusive snack company at a given event.

A Day in the Life of a Marketing Intern at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago- Luisa Castellanos

By: Luisa Castellanos

dFirst thing I have to say is… Wow, what an amazing time to be working at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. Two weeks from the start of my internship, the David Bowie Is exhibition would be opening at the MCA. In no other interview for an internship or job have I been asked: “So, how much do you like David Bowie?” This really was a deciding factor for this internship as this would be the topic of nearly all my work here for the next 10 weeks- marketing for the largest exhibition that has ever been shown at the MCA. Second day on the job I was behind the scenes photographing the installation of the exhibit, a place any die-hard Bowie fan would only dream of being.

The MCA is an art museum that specializes in displaying the work of Chicago contemporary artists alive today. The nine departments at the museum work together to create unique exhibitions and performances that not only entertain but also educate their attendees unlike any other museum in Chicago. The communications and community engagement department at the museum consists of a small team of less than 10 people including the department director, communications, media relations, social media and myself as the CCE intern. On a day-to-day basis I work as part of the team assisting with creating content for marketing campaigns to promote upcoming programs and exhibitions on social media, email and even had a chance to write radio copy for WXRT. If you live in Chicago there is a pretty good chance you’ve been exposed to the advertisements for the David Bowie Is exhibition whether it was in online, through social media, print, billboard or even on a CTA bus. When I first chose to study marketing at DePaul, my dream was to stay connected with the arts. I could not have found a better opportunity to learn about marketing than at this acclaimed Chicago art institution.