A Day in the Life of a Marketing Intern at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago- Luisa Castellanos

By: Luisa Castellanos

dFirst thing I have to say is… Wow, what an amazing time to be working at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. Two weeks from the start of my internship, the David Bowie Is exhibition would be opening at the MCA. In no other interview for an internship or job have I been asked: “So, how much do you like David Bowie?” This really was a deciding factor for this internship as this would be the topic of nearly all my work here for the next 10 weeks- marketing for the largest exhibition that has ever been shown at the MCA. Second day on the job I was behind the scenes photographing the installation of the exhibit, a place any die-hard Bowie fan would only dream of being.

The MCA is an art museum that specializes in displaying the work of Chicago contemporary artists alive today. The nine departments at the museum work together to create unique exhibitions and performances that not only entertain but also educate their attendees unlike any other museum in Chicago. The communications and community engagement department at the museum consists of a small team of less than 10 people including the department director, communications, media relations, social media and myself as the CCE intern. On a day-to-day basis I work as part of the team assisting with creating content for marketing campaigns to promote upcoming programs and exhibitions on social media, email and even had a chance to write radio copy for WXRT. If you live in Chicago there is a pretty good chance you’ve been exposed to the advertisements for the David Bowie Is exhibition whether it was in online, through social media, print, billboard or even on a CTA bus. When I first chose to study marketing at DePaul, my dream was to stay connected with the arts. I could not have found a better opportunity to learn about marketing than at this acclaimed Chicago art institution.

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