A Day in the Life of a Starcom MediaVest Group Intern- Claire Sindlinger

aConsidering a job as a marketing intern on the agency side? Here’s what its like to be a Search Intern at Starcom MediaVest Group, from someone who has been living it every day for the last eight weeks.

Beep. Beep. My alarm goes off at 7:00am to start my day. I begin by morning routine, so I can catch the 8:26 purple line train downtown. The train is packed with all the busy Chicago business- men and women heading to their downtown offices. At Merchandise Mart most of the train empties out, and I finally get a seat before I step off at the State and Lake train station. Surrounded by a majority of millennial, we all pile into the Leo Burnett Building. With a few minutes to spare before I settle into my desk on the 9th floor, I grab a bowl of cereal and coffee from the kitchen. My desk is situated around a few other client teams, so we all say “good morning” and chat about our week.

It’s 9:00am now. My team all files into the office. First and foremost, I check my email. Every day we receive a budget tracker from Convonix, an Indian company who helps us manage the Mattel Search accounts. The budget tracker will show us how each campaign is pacing on Bing and Google. It allows us to see what campaigns need to be adjusted and/or watched. Since most of the Mattel accounts are currently going under restructure, we understand if they are not on target during a certain day/week due to recent changes. I then communicate back and forth with Convonix on what needs to happen.

10:00am, it is time for our daily check-in with my supervisor, the team search analyst, and myself. We each go through what is on our plates for the day, ask questions, and divvy out new projects. Each day has different projects happening depending on the time of year and what comes up.

After our team meeting around 10:45pm, I get back to my desk and start working. Some typical projects I could be working on consist of adcopy, keywords, and sitelink campaign recos for the clients’ approval, in addition to launching new campaigns in DoubleClick, which is our search platform that manages both Bing and Google accounts. On top these projects, I will be ask to take on different projects, such as, analyzing budgets, producing general negative keyword lists, and more. If there is something new that would be valuable for me to know, I will shadow the search analyst or my supervisor to learn. Starcom is great at giving interns “real” projects, not just busy work, and the entire Starcom company is always willing to allow interns to sit in on meeting or workshops that are offered to full-time employees.

Starcom MediaVest Group Interns volunteering at a CIMA (Chicago Integrated Marketing Association) Boat Cruise during the summer.

Starcom MediaVest Group Interns volunteering at a CIMA (Chicago Integrated Marketing Association) Boat Cruise during the summer.

Around noon, I make my way to lunch for about an hour with other interns.

By 1:00pm, I am back at my desk or in a meeting with vendors continuing the day’s work. Projects normally fill the entire day. There is never a slow moment on the Mattel Search Team. If it is a Friday, the day stops around 4:00pm, and everyone enjoys free beer with other Starcom employees to finish out the week. This is a great way to network with other client teams around the office, and interact with your own team.

All in all, each day at Starcom is a learning experience with endless opportunities to network. I would highly recommenced interning at a large media agency, such as Starcom MediaVest Group.

A Day in the Life of a Lynn Hazan & Associates Intern- Olivia Szczerba

I started interning at Lynn Hazan & Associates back in November of 2014. I am a recruiting intern who specializes specifically in Marketing and Communications placement. Lynn Hazan & Associates is a small recruiting firm. There are currently three interns, a freelancer, and employer working.g Although LH&A is a small company, I have a great appreciation for the one-on-one mentoring I receive from Lynn. Some of my day-to-day activities include: updating content on the company website, following up with candidates via telephone and email, writing out job specifications, sourcing and screening potential job candidates for current clients, using Twitter, LinkedIn, job sites and company website to post new content, creating PowerPoint’s for presentations and pitching new opportunities to potential candidates.

I recently started learning a lot about myself. Throughout the various tasks that I am assigned, I have come to realize that I not only enjoy the technical side of things, but I’m good at it as well. Lynn has mentioned this numerous times. I am very patient when it comes to problem solving and I am very detailed oriented. All through this internship I have been gaining a greater understanding of what Marketing really is, and what it takes to be successful in the field.

s  I became familiar with WordPress, which is a software used for creating websites or blogs. Day in and day out I read through newspapers trying to look for any potential candidates or clients. This has also allowed me to become more familiar with Chicago-land businesses. Lynn is also an active member of the Business Marketing Association, meaning I get many opportunities to volunteer at events and network with people. This has opened up many doors for me and I have met some really inspiring people that I continue to keep in touch with.

A Day in the Life of a Magnani Continuum Marketing Intern- Ryan Woodman

During the first quarter of my third year at DePaul University, I was on a frantic search to find the perfect internship. Constantly searching Glassdoor & emailing previous employees of places I had applied to in order to find out more about the culture of the workplace. Fortunately for you, you won’t have to do all that work because I’m about to break it down for you like a detailed cooking recipe.

The first thing I would advise someone to take into consideration when interning at Magnani is that you have to be okay with leading the charge. Now this comes with a fair warning that my time at Magnani was strange in that I was the first intern in their pilot program for structuring the internship. This means that the beginning of my internship and the end of my internship were two completely different beasts.

The beginning of my position as an Accounts Intern was entirely self-driven. I booked my own meetings with different people I wanted to learn from using Google Calendar, I asked people for work on my own accord and I decided just how productive my time was going to be. If I wanted to, I could have sat around all day on Facebook and only moved when it was my lunch or when Ren (the front desk secretary) asked me to help her with something. However, that would have been a huge waste of time. I learned a lot from sitting in on meetings, having my own one-on-one conversations with different executives at the company and from doing the jobs I was asked to help as effectively and efficiently as possible, asking as many questions as I could think of along the way.

The main conference room at Magnani Continuum Marketing

The main conference room at Magnani Continuum Marketing

Along the way, Magnani slowly decided to transform the intern program. It was at about the halfway point when my self-scheduled meetings with my soon-to-be mentor Kylie Jusick would turn into “mandatory” weekly check-ups regarding my big internship project. The project, which was to research information about a new vertical one of our clients wants to enter, would be dealt with on a weekly basis in parts. The meetings would also include a discussion about a marketing article I read and found interesting that week and how it could be applied to Magnani. Magnani, being a smaller, closer-knit company with only about 30 employees, isn’t exactly strict when it comes to timing of internal meetings or events. The meetings were supposed to be Wednesday afternoons, but often got moved due to the workload of my mentor. This is not to say that this is a bad thing, its perfectly acceptable, it’s just something to keep in mind.

As I near the end of my internship, everything I’ve learned seems to float inside my riverboat skull. From the SEO tips and tricks Kyle the Content Manager taught me to the industry lingo and traits that my mentor Kylie told me about, it has been an enriching, rewarding experience that I wouldn’t change a thing about. If you’re thinking about applying as an Accounts Intern at Magnani, I have one thing to say to you: you better be in the drivers seat, because this is not a job for those lost on the path, but rather a job for those paving their own.

A Day in the Life of a Reklama Media Company Intern- Sandra Foltushanskiy

I work for a small advertising company located in Northbrook, IL called Reklama Media Company. There are about 30 people working at the company, with about half being eastern-European (Polish, Russian, Ukrainian). Reklama is a premier multimedia marketing company, offering expertise in local marketing, advertising, and multicultural marketing. It is one of the top media companies in the North Chicago Metropolitan area, specializing in the Eastern-European, Hispanic, and American segments of the market, operating businesses in publishing and broadcasting.

Coming into the job, I was very nervous and timid, as anyone would be starting a new job with unfamiliar faces, tasks, and objectives. However, with time, I grew to love every single person I work with (some more than others, of course) and grew to create amazing relationships and bonds with my coworkers. Because I am a marketing & design intern, I understood that I would be communicating daily with those I work with and eventually understood that building trustworthy and loyal relationships within the company, especially because it is such a small company, is crucial to getting my tasks done and accomplishing not only my goals but the company’s goals as well.

You may ask, what does it mean to be a marketing AND a design intern? Well, I am a mixture of both, so I get to experience a little bit of both worlds. Currently, I am a marketing major and a graphic design minor, so this position worked out perfectly for me. Regarding the marketing side, I work hand-in-hand with the marketing team (about 10 people), where communication and patience play a key role in accomplishing any/all goals. Because I am an intern, at times I am all over the place. One day I can be working with the marketing team, helping generate new, creative, fresh ideas for our newspapers and magazines, and the other day I am asked to manage our social media accounts and update them with new promotional/marketing content. One day I can be helping the marketing director come up with the content for new media kits, and the other day I am asked to research potential clients who would be interested in advertising any of their products/services and contact them to try and sell advertise space in our newspapers and magazines. Basically, I get to experience various types of marketing throughout the week. This is very beneficial to me because I get to witness, understand, and experience much that marketing has to offer.

So, what’s the other half all about? Well, as a design intern, I work hand-in-hand with the design

Front Cover of the first three issues of R Local Town Magazine (to view the digital version of the entire magazine, visit www.rlocaltown.com)

Front Cover of the first three issues of R Local Town Magazine
(to view the digital version of the entire magazine, visit http://www.rlocaltown.com)

team and aid in the page design of our magazine called R Local Town as well as the Russian and Polish newspaper (Reklama Newspaper and Chicago Rewia Newspaper). I meet with the creative director and the other 3 graphic designers at our company once a week who all assist and work together to plan out the page layout for the magazine and the newspapers. As soon as we have a set plan for what pages the editorials/ads will be on, I begin designing the magazine editorials. Usually I get assigned anywhere from 5-10 pages to be designed in the span of 2 weeks, depending on the issue. After I finish with the magazine page designs, I report back to my creative director and go over the proof of the page layouts I designed before finalizing it and sending the magazine to print. My creative director critiques my work and gives me helpful feedback to any changes or additions he considers is needed. Meanwhile, during the design of R Local Town Magazine, every Thursday I responsible for designing the Polish Newspaper called Chicago Rewia. Again, my creative director gives me the page layout and I go ahead and design the newspaper. As soon as I finish, I e-mail him a proof, and of course, he gives me feedback, I finalize the newspaper, and it is ready to go to print by Friday morning.

I consider myself lucky that I am able to experience both the marketing side as well as the design side at the same time, as both are a true passion of mine that I am pursing early in my life. Being an intern at Reklama Media Company has taught me so much and has given me an opportunity to experience different aspects of marketing and design and made me truly understand how interrelated the two are. It has taught me to grow, accomplish, and accelerate within the company and to remain focused, calm, and patient in a fast-paced working environment. It has taught me how important being an intern is, even though I am constantly being told what to do and don’t really have a set plan for my tasks and objectives every day. However, being there for almost a year now and proving myself to the company landed me a full-time position after graduation, which I am more than thankful for. The importance of starting early and obtaining an internship to gain that experience early in life has proven to be absolutely crucial. I have made so many new friends and have built so many new relationships, that it almost makes me laugh at how nervous I was coming in to the job. But I realized that it is okay to be nervous. In fact, it is a good thing – because everything new is nerve-racking, but it is also very exciting and opens a door for new opportunities.