A Day in the Life of a Magnani Continuum Marketing Intern- Ryan Woodman

During the first quarter of my third year at DePaul University, I was on a frantic search to find the perfect internship. Constantly searching Glassdoor & emailing previous employees of places I had applied to in order to find out more about the culture of the workplace. Fortunately for you, you won’t have to do all that work because I’m about to break it down for you like a detailed cooking recipe.

The first thing I would advise someone to take into consideration when interning at Magnani is that you have to be okay with leading the charge. Now this comes with a fair warning that my time at Magnani was strange in that I was the first intern in their pilot program for structuring the internship. This means that the beginning of my internship and the end of my internship were two completely different beasts.

The beginning of my position as an Accounts Intern was entirely self-driven. I booked my own meetings with different people I wanted to learn from using Google Calendar, I asked people for work on my own accord and I decided just how productive my time was going to be. If I wanted to, I could have sat around all day on Facebook and only moved when it was my lunch or when Ren (the front desk secretary) asked me to help her with something. However, that would have been a huge waste of time. I learned a lot from sitting in on meetings, having my own one-on-one conversations with different executives at the company and from doing the jobs I was asked to help as effectively and efficiently as possible, asking as many questions as I could think of along the way.

The main conference room at Magnani Continuum Marketing

The main conference room at Magnani Continuum Marketing

Along the way, Magnani slowly decided to transform the intern program. It was at about the halfway point when my self-scheduled meetings with my soon-to-be mentor Kylie Jusick would turn into “mandatory” weekly check-ups regarding my big internship project. The project, which was to research information about a new vertical one of our clients wants to enter, would be dealt with on a weekly basis in parts. The meetings would also include a discussion about a marketing article I read and found interesting that week and how it could be applied to Magnani. Magnani, being a smaller, closer-knit company with only about 30 employees, isn’t exactly strict when it comes to timing of internal meetings or events. The meetings were supposed to be Wednesday afternoons, but often got moved due to the workload of my mentor. This is not to say that this is a bad thing, its perfectly acceptable, it’s just something to keep in mind.

As I near the end of my internship, everything I’ve learned seems to float inside my riverboat skull. From the SEO tips and tricks Kyle the Content Manager taught me to the industry lingo and traits that my mentor Kylie told me about, it has been an enriching, rewarding experience that I wouldn’t change a thing about. If you’re thinking about applying as an Accounts Intern at Magnani, I have one thing to say to you: you better be in the drivers seat, because this is not a job for those lost on the path, but rather a job for those paving their own.

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