A Day in the Life of a Lynn Hazan & Associates Intern- Olivia Szczerba

I started interning at Lynn Hazan & Associates back in November of 2014. I am a recruiting intern who specializes specifically in Marketing and Communications placement. Lynn Hazan & Associates is a small recruiting firm. There are currently three interns, a freelancer, and employer working.g Although LH&A is a small company, I have a great appreciation for the one-on-one mentoring I receive from Lynn. Some of my day-to-day activities include: updating content on the company website, following up with candidates via telephone and email, writing out job specifications, sourcing and screening potential job candidates for current clients, using Twitter, LinkedIn, job sites and company website to post new content, creating PowerPoint’s for presentations and pitching new opportunities to potential candidates.

I recently started learning a lot about myself. Throughout the various tasks that I am assigned, I have come to realize that I not only enjoy the technical side of things, but I’m good at it as well. Lynn has mentioned this numerous times. I am very patient when it comes to problem solving and I am very detailed oriented. All through this internship I have been gaining a greater understanding of what Marketing really is, and what it takes to be successful in the field.

s  I became familiar with WordPress, which is a software used for creating websites or blogs. Day in and day out I read through newspapers trying to look for any potential candidates or clients. This has also allowed me to become more familiar with Chicago-land businesses. Lynn is also an active member of the Business Marketing Association, meaning I get many opportunities to volunteer at events and network with people. This has opened up many doors for me and I have met some really inspiring people that I continue to keep in touch with.

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