A Day in the Life of a Starcom MediaVest Group Intern- Claire Sindlinger

aConsidering a job as a marketing intern on the agency side? Here’s what its like to be a Search Intern at Starcom MediaVest Group, from someone who has been living it every day for the last eight weeks.

Beep. Beep. My alarm goes off at 7:00am to start my day. I begin by morning routine, so I can catch the 8:26 purple line train downtown. The train is packed with all the busy Chicago business- men and women heading to their downtown offices. At Merchandise Mart most of the train empties out, and I finally get a seat before I step off at the State and Lake train station. Surrounded by a majority of millennial, we all pile into the Leo Burnett Building. With a few minutes to spare before I settle into my desk on the 9th floor, I grab a bowl of cereal and coffee from the kitchen. My desk is situated around a few other client teams, so we all say “good morning” and chat about our week.

It’s 9:00am now. My team all files into the office. First and foremost, I check my email. Every day we receive a budget tracker from Convonix, an Indian company who helps us manage the Mattel Search accounts. The budget tracker will show us how each campaign is pacing on Bing and Google. It allows us to see what campaigns need to be adjusted and/or watched. Since most of the Mattel accounts are currently going under restructure, we understand if they are not on target during a certain day/week due to recent changes. I then communicate back and forth with Convonix on what needs to happen.

10:00am, it is time for our daily check-in with my supervisor, the team search analyst, and myself. We each go through what is on our plates for the day, ask questions, and divvy out new projects. Each day has different projects happening depending on the time of year and what comes up.

After our team meeting around 10:45pm, I get back to my desk and start working. Some typical projects I could be working on consist of adcopy, keywords, and sitelink campaign recos for the clients’ approval, in addition to launching new campaigns in DoubleClick, which is our search platform that manages both Bing and Google accounts. On top these projects, I will be ask to take on different projects, such as, analyzing budgets, producing general negative keyword lists, and more. If there is something new that would be valuable for me to know, I will shadow the search analyst or my supervisor to learn. Starcom is great at giving interns “real” projects, not just busy work, and the entire Starcom company is always willing to allow interns to sit in on meeting or workshops that are offered to full-time employees.

Starcom MediaVest Group Interns volunteering at a CIMA (Chicago Integrated Marketing Association) Boat Cruise during the summer.

Starcom MediaVest Group Interns volunteering at a CIMA (Chicago Integrated Marketing Association) Boat Cruise during the summer.

Around noon, I make my way to lunch for about an hour with other interns.

By 1:00pm, I am back at my desk or in a meeting with vendors continuing the day’s work. Projects normally fill the entire day. There is never a slow moment on the Mattel Search Team. If it is a Friday, the day stops around 4:00pm, and everyone enjoys free beer with other Starcom employees to finish out the week. This is a great way to network with other client teams around the office, and interact with your own team.

All in all, each day at Starcom is a learning experience with endless opportunities to network. I would highly recommenced interning at a large media agency, such as Starcom MediaVest Group.

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