A Day in the Life of a Chicago Steel Hockey Team Marketing Intern- Peter Wasyliw

aFirstly, you must really enjoy the game of hockey. This internship revolves around marketing a hockey team, obviously. We create blog posts for the team’s blog as well as managing it’s Twitter feed and gathering statistics about the team within the USHL. As an intern at the Chicago Steel, you are working for R.J. Bosworth with a “marketing intern” title. The company is really small as it’s just eight people managing the front offices of the Chicago Steel. As a marketing intern for the Chicago Steel, you also have the honors of being apart of their game day staff. These staff members set up for all home games. We set up merchandise stands, customer service stand as well as prepare for any youth hockey team visitors, locker room tours, etc. What I love most about working as an intern for the Chicago Steel is the environment. Everyone in the office is extremely nice and the work that we put together is so much fun and never really the same. Each and every day around the office is different. Coming up with a new blog post, new game day promotions and gathering statistics, sbomething is always changing.

The Chicago Steel are an awesome hockey team that are based in a hockey town. Being able to work for a company that has excellent fans allows me to have the opportunity to market for a good organization. I enjoy being able to interact with the players and other members of the organization on a daily basis. Being able to research player statistics and ways to better promotions and activities for our fans is a great part of our day to day adventure within the Chicago Steel organization.