A Day in the Life of an Avant Intern- Alex Wallace

1Avant is a financial tech personal lending startup founded in 2013 by Al Goldstein, John Sun, and Paul Zhang. They founded Avant with the simple mission of lowering the costs and barriers of borrowing, and they have definitely made headway with the company quickly growing to over 500 employees. I fit into the  Avant landscape as a Performance marketing intern with a specific focus on our affiliate partnerships; I do a lot of research and analysis to make sure our partners are performing and happy. For a broader overview of Avant’s entire Marketing department I decided to compare it with a watch.

The Marketing department at Avant is like a watch. The unique design of the finished product appeals to consumers’ needs. However, while the design catches the purchaser’s eyes, it’s the intricate gear-work that really makes things tick. In other words, marketing is more than creating and promoting a company. It too has a “time-telling” function. At Avant, researching and analyzing data are the vital components needed to stay competitive and remain successful. Marketing encompasses a variety of skill sets, which is why Avant selects young talent with diverse backgrounds. In turn, this allows them to adapt to company culture and provide valuable contributions to the team.

Thus far in my internship my main projects have been creating an industry competitive analysis and monitoring specific partners’ performance. On top of this I have been learning SQL, a basic programming language that is used to run many of the platforms used by the marketing department and Avant. The combination of learning and contributing has been great and I have learned a lot about the lending and financial industries in a short space of time. My role should grow even further throughout the rest of the summer and I should soon be entrusted with a few affiliates of my own to communicate with and help onboard.  I love the open environment within in the company which helps promote cross-department collaboration as well as the enthusiastic workforce. I am excited to see what the rest of the summer holds.