A day in the Life of a Do312 Intern- Abbey Johnson

A day in the life at Do312 begins with knocking on the East Room window to get in; the company’s office is in the space below. Do312 is a media company that promotes music and night life in Chicago run by Scott Cramer, General Manager, Ami York, Accounts, Katie Karpowicz and Dan Opera, Content and Editorial, and Lorena Cupcake, Social Media and Marketing.  These people have interns, my position is a Social Media Marketing Intern. As you walk into the office you are greeted by Lorena and her Chihuahua named Fixie. Monday’s are hectic because there are a lot of people in the office and there are a lot of meetings. Once I find my spot to settle in for the day I set up my laptop and look at my tasks due for Asana. Asana is a program that helps us all organize our tasks, allows us to review content edits and acts as our calendar.

My tasks involve creating event pages and writing tweets and Facebook posts about upcoming concerts or giveaways. I also select images from our Flickr albums to use in content and on our Instagram page. I research logistics for parties we throw; one afternoon I was getting quotes on money blowing machines. Every day looks different here but every day we are listening to good music and drinking La Croix. This internship has taught me how important social media is to a company’s growth. When we look back at engagement we see what our user base responds to (cute pictures of animals, Lollapalooza giveaways and the Pitchfork lineup). I am learning that media is one of the most important aspects of marketing. This internship has taught me a lot about Chicago as well. I am constantly having to research some of the best places to eat, drink and have fun and because of this I have discovered a lot more about the city. My favorite part of interning is working the events, I tie-dyed t-shirts, took tickets at a concert, and worked their “birthday party”.  This internship has increased my connections with people and has given me a better idea about what goes into marketing.








A Day in the Life of a TransparentCareer Intern- Hauk Nelson

Hi! My name is Hauk, and I am a marketing associate at TransparentCareer, a career services startup in Chicago. Welcome to “A Day in the Life of a Marketing Intern.” I’m one of seven people working in the office, including two other interns.

Coincidentally, my main job at TransparentCareer revolves around content creation and user engagement, including writing for our blog, so I’m happy to write a post for our marketing class as well!

My job is to keep our users coming back and checking our site often. The more people we have actively using the site, the more chances we have to connect with customers. Our primary audience is MBA students. I’ve been working here since November, and we as a company have gone through a lot of strategic changes in how to best keep engaged with our community, and a few months ago we decided that the best way to keep TransparentCareer in our users’ minds was to send a weekly newsletter, filled with content that we also create.

It’s Tuesday, it’s 9 am, and it’s time to get to work. Our newsletter goes out at 2 pm every Tuesday, so it’s my responsibility to get everything ready. I finished writing our content last week, so the next step is to schedule the newsletter to be sent out through MailChimp. 

I segment the newsletter to be sent out to different demographics, which we’ve decided to change based on the audience’s class year, sending a separate email (same content, different copy) to the Class of 2018, Class of 2019, and MBA graduates. I write a subject line pertinent to the content, design the email to look pretty, and schedule for 2 pm.

You can get a look at the opener above, but to see the rest of the content, you’ll have to sign up for TransparentCareer!

Lunch time! We head out as a team to celebrate our lead developer’s birthday. Happy birthday Neel!

The rest of the day is spent planning the content for the next week, digging for data to use via Chartio, and then, once I finish writing the article, uploading the content to WordPress and making sure it looks good for next week’s newsletter!

A Day in the Life of an EXP Intern- Jaimie Thimmesh Rachie

Waking up to a blaring alarm at 4am, and another at 4:45, and yet another at 5:20. It’s kick-off day at EXP, which means the 7 people in our Air B&B have been up since the crack of dawn checking in student groups for flights.

EXP Trips is a student travel organization that leads groups of students on educational trips. They plan all aspects of the trip, and then meet the students and explore the city with them. Our last student trip was in Anaheim, California, where we led over 500 students on a 5 day trip. Every day at EXP is so different, but one of our most active and busy days was a perfect example of what it takes to be an EXP Intern.

4At around 6am, the TripHosts (people leading the trip) pile into our rental car, and head to the LAX airport to welcome some of our early groups. Bright neon shirts, sugar cookies in toe, and gigantic signs to help direct the students.

Once at the airport, we set up our display in the baggage claim area. Signs set up, bags on bags of t-shirts for the students, and signs set up, we are ready to welcome the students! We confirm their landing, check what carousel their bags will be arriving on, and call the bus company to make sure they are ready to be loaded. We will be at the airport for upwards of 6 hours, welcoming different groups. We split up into teams to tackle each group.

The students and teachers arrive to the baggage claim, and cautiously approach the neon-shirt crew. We are excited to see them and make them feel welcomed. We direct them with our gigantic signs (“Follow us!! (Unless you aren’t with EXP, that would be awkward!)”) to the idle bus, have them line up their bags, and quickly load up the bus for them. The bus goes to their hotel (where we have already called ahead to check in the group, and get their keys ready.)

We give the students about an hour to settle into their rooms and get ready for the day. Then we load back the bus, and bring the students to Huntington Beach. After three hours, we align the buses for pick-up do check-ins as each student loads the bus. Once we are on the bus, we hand out Angel’s tickets, and Angel’s hats for all the students.

We arrive at the game and have the students text a number. This number allows us to easily send a mass text to all the students to let them know where the bus will be, when we are leaving, and any other important information that needs to be conveyed.

After the game, we load the students and send them back to their hotel. We give the teachers the itinerary for the next day and let them on be on their way.

The EXP TripHost team meets back at the Air B&B and goes over the entire schedule for the next day. It is a busy day as it is filled with lots of logistics and communication, but it is so fun!