A Day in the Life of an Avant Intern- Alex Wallace

1Avant is a financial tech personal lending startup founded in 2013 by Al Goldstein, John Sun, and Paul Zhang. They founded Avant with the simple mission of lowering the costs and barriers of borrowing, and they have definitely made headway with the company quickly growing to over 500 employees. I fit into the  Avant landscape as a Performance marketing intern with a specific focus on our affiliate partnerships; I do a lot of research and analysis to make sure our partners are performing and happy. For a broader overview of Avant’s entire Marketing department I decided to compare it with a watch.

The Marketing department at Avant is like a watch. The unique design of the finished product appeals to consumers’ needs. However, while the design catches the purchaser’s eyes, it’s the intricate gear-work that really makes things tick. In other words, marketing is more than creating and promoting a company. It too has a “time-telling” function. At Avant, researching and analyzing data are the vital components needed to stay competitive and remain successful. Marketing encompasses a variety of skill sets, which is why Avant selects young talent with diverse backgrounds. In turn, this allows them to adapt to company culture and provide valuable contributions to the team.

Thus far in my internship my main projects have been creating an industry competitive analysis and monitoring specific partners’ performance. On top of this I have been learning SQL, a basic programming language that is used to run many of the platforms used by the marketing department and Avant. The combination of learning and contributing has been great and I have learned a lot about the lending and financial industries in a short space of time. My role should grow even further throughout the rest of the summer and I should soon be entrusted with a few affiliates of my own to communicate with and help onboard.  I love the open environment within in the company which helps promote cross-department collaboration as well as the enthusiastic workforce. I am excited to see what the rest of the summer holds.

A Day in the Life of a Motorola Solutions Intern- Nicole Jackson

aInterning for a company like Motorola Solutions, a big fortune 500 company, in the heart of the city, on Michigan Ave., and across from the bean, has been an amazing experience for me. Motorola Solutions, a publically traded company, is a relatively large company, with 14,000 employees in 60 countries. Obtaining this opportunity, along with being in a program with 5 other inside sales interns, and working alongside over 100 other interns in every department from across North America, has been the perfect scenario for my summer.

I will bring you along my personal guided tour of a day in the life as a North America-Inside Sales intern for Motorola Solutions.

I personally prefer to get into the office early, sat 8am, this allows me to leave by 4pm. Other interns that are not morning people, prefer to get in at 9am and then leave at 5pm. Motorola Solutions has three offices in Illinois, the headquarters for the company is in Schaumburg where all the interns are except a few. The Michigan Ave office is the sales office, you may be familiar with this office because of the huge letters on top of the building that read “MOTOROLA” this is my office. On the seventh floor, in the far corner is where the six of us sit, each in our own little cubicle, with little name tags that read our names, “interns”, and then a picture of our school mascot. This was pretty exciting on the first day, along with receiving desk phones, laptops, and badges. Each of us are assigned to a mentor, a full time employee within inside sales. This is beneficial in so many ways. My mentor is amazing, she constantly checks up on me, advises me on what I should be doing, and truly just wants for me to be successful in obtaining a full time position at the end, and make me feel welcome.

I  got a little off topic discussing more of the background information on the internship, but back to my day to day activities.  First, I like to start my day off “Data Mining” this allows me to get in groove of working. We are sent an excel spreadsheet of anywhere from 100-1000 names of community colleges, police/fire stations, hospitals, anywhere really that would use two-way radios. We then look up the place, find a contact and import the name, email, phone, and website into the excel spreadsheet. I usually do this till about 12:30, this is when we all go out to lunch together. After lunch, I switch it up to a different activity called “CallWorks Campaign” this is where we are given another spreadsheet, and we call the same type of places, ask to speak to whoever is in charge of security communications, and gage interest on wanting to be connected with an inside sales rep to learn more about Motorola Solutions products, such as two-way radios, batteries, accessories, and body cameras. Although, I have previously worked in an environment where I had to make basic sales calls, I am learning more about different approaches on how to tackle sales calls. I do this till 4pm, where I then pack up my computer and go home.

Lastly, I will cover the random events that we, as interns get to attend. Once a week we have a “lunch and learn” where the head of each department such as finance, HR, marketing etc. come in and talk to us about their job, how they got to where they are, their specific department, and product overview. Lunch and learns, are of course where they cater a variety of food. Other special events that we do throughout the 12 week program, are go on the odyssey cruise for lunch and a tour of the city, volunteer for American Red Cross, fand visit the cook county 911 dispatch center, where we will learn more about products and implementation. Lastly, another intern and I, got chosen last week to volunteer at a Motorola Solutions sponsored golf event in Barrington, which is coming up this week. At the end of the internship, all of us have final interviews, where they tell us if they are going to offer us a full time position after graduating.  That is the extent of my 12 week internship at Motorola Solutions,  definitely an amazing company, in which, I hope to continue full-time this December, after my last trimester.