A Day in the Life of the Discover Financial Services Intern- Juan Lopez

Hey guys! My name is Juan Lopez and I am currently a Junior majoring in Marketing and Sales Leadership. This winter quarter, I am interning for Discover Financial Services, Inc.

Although many credit card companies get a horrible rep, Discover is not your ordinary credit card company. Their mission is fairly simple; it is to help people spend smarter, manage debt better, and save more so they achieve a brighter financial future.

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Discover is so much more than a plastic card. In addition to its credit card business which many only seem to know about, Discover also has a direct banking segment which includes personal loans, student loans, home loans, prepaid cards and deposit products. Furthermore, Discover’s payment services consist of PULSE, one of the nation’s leading ATM/debit networks; and Diners Club International, a global payments network with acceptance in more than 185 countries and territories. Discover also has its own network which allows third parties to issue credit, debit, and prepaid cards all by using the Discover Network.

Intrigued yet?

At Discover Financial Services, I work in the marketing department for the portfolio team as a Portfolio Management and Line Engagement intern. Since I go to school full-time, I only work three days of the week. As the Portfolio Management and Line Engagement intern I mainly work on card members who have been with Discover for over a year. Essentially the goal is to increase card usage and sales by card members. After risk determines the customers who qualify for a credit line increase we create what we call “creatives” which is direct mail informing the customer that they qualify for a credit line increase and promotions on how they can spend with their new credit line. The creatives are different for each month.

Their headquarters is located in Riverwoods, IL. If you decide to commute like I did you can take the Milwaukee District North Line all the way to Lake Cook Road. The commute will give you plenty of time to relax or dive into a good book. Once you arrive at Lake Cook Road, there are shuttle buses that run until 9am that will drop you off literally steps away from the front door. Can you guess what the best part is?? Discover provides you with a FREE Ventra card to use. No cost what so ever!!

My day usually begins at 9 AM in what we call the “Grab and Go.” They have actual Starbucks here!!..Ohh and yeah other tasty breakfast treats.  After I have clocked-in, I check my email for any pressing matters. This is important because every day is different at Discover. You could spend the whole day in your cubicle working or you could have tons of meetings throughout the day. It is always an adventure. My main tasks as the Portfolio Management and Engagement Intern is to work on campaigns to increase card usage and sales.  Currently, I have been working on two campaigns called NCLI and SCLI. NCLI basically informs card members that their credit line has been increased and the ways in which they can use their new line. This includes encouraging customers to spend big and as a reward they can received cash back bonuses. SCLI in comparison informs customers that they have been approved for a credit line increase but requires customers to call in to accept their new line. These are two ways to we try to increase card member usage and sales. We reward card members with a new credit line and promote the ways they can use it which can earn them cash back.

Launching a campaign can be a little tedious because it involves lots of meetings and different business units. The good part is that you get to meet and network with tons of people who are always willing to offer you advice. The environment is great. Everyone is very relaxed and very diverse. During lunch time you can head over to the RAK where you have a variety to choose from. Pizza, Grill station, Salad Bar, Sandwiches and soups. You name it, we got it! We even have casual Fridays! Yup, we’re pretty cool.

Discover has about a two thousand employees at their headquarters. There are four buildings and at least three floors in each building. I work in building one, floor three north. Did I mention that the layout of the floors is like a compass? We have north, south, east and west. It takes a while to get used to this layout….yes you will get lost!

I have been interning for this company for almost two months and I can say that I’ve learned so much about the financial service industry. Being that Discover is a Fortune 300 company I had the perception that everyone would be wearing suits and be kind of uptight. In reality everyone has welcomed me with open arms. The best part is that anytime I walk by someone they always greet me with a warm smile. A lot of people even take the time to come up to me and just introduce themselves. In a business that has the perception of being cut throat, Discover proves them wrong. I definitely can say that the culture is great. Discover is an awesome place to intern!

A Day in the Life of the Modern Luxury Intern- Ivelina Valle

Ivelina Valle writes about her Internship with Modern Luxury

Ivelina Valle writes about her Internship with Modern Luxury

Hi! My name is Ivelina Valle and I am currently a junior studying Marketing and Management. This quarter I am interning at Modern Luxury, a publishing company that publishes numerous magazines around the nation. I am a marketing intern in the Chicago office that is located one block away from the Merchandise Mart.

Modern Luxury publishes seven magazines in Chicago. These include: CS, CS Brides, CS Interiors, NS, Men’s Book, Front Desk and Charity & Social Datebook. They also host numerous events throughout the year for each of these publications and the involved advertisers. These events may be issue release parties, cocktail parties, fashion shows, boutique openings or exclusive sales, trivia nights and many more.

Ivelina’s Press Pass

As a marketing intern at Modern Luxury, I work inside and outside the office. Two days a week I am in the office, sitting at my desk for most of the day, working on social media posts, event listings and more. When I am not at my desk, I am packaging invitations, stamping mail, bookmarking magazines to send to our advertisers or even cutting out huge cover images for our events. Five times a month I am at events and helping out there. I am usually helping the photographer by collecting name captions of the people he/she takes pictures of that will later go on our website and in the magazine.

A typical day in office would start out with creating five social media posts from any of the seven publications. I write one Facebook and one Twitter post for each magazine I select, with a shorter version for Twitter. Each of these posts must include the link to the digital copy of the magazine on our website, tags of the people/places/brands mentioned, and a clever hashtag. If all of our magazines are set on editorial posts, I may share some posts from our clients/advertisers or from whatever is trending, i.e. fashion week. Once these posts are written, I send them over to my manager, the Marketing Coordinator, who revises them and sends them back to me with edits. I continue by posting each post throughout the day, once every hour. In between each post, I am doing various tasks. I could be adding content such as events, scene galleries or event recaps to our website and Facebook pages or completing numerous office tasks.

Enlarged CS cover at issue release party for 101 tastes, February Issue

Interning at Modern Luxury has taught me how vast a publishing company has to be. Our Chicago office contains staff that works on publications around the nation. Modern Luxury is an enormous company for having free magazines. The magazines can be found in vending boxes around the city, usually next to Red Eye boxes. With a company this big, Modern Luxury’s departments all work together to create timeless articles, events and prints. The marketing team works closely with the sales and digital teams to complete numerous responsibilities. I continue to learn new things everyday and am motivated by my manager to be creative by coming up with new ideas on how to enhance Modern Luxury’s online presence. As an intern I get to see the details that go into expanding an online identity and also what goes into making successful magazine issues.


Interested in interning with Modern Luxury? They are now hiring for Spring and Summer!

A Day in the Life of the BMO Harris Bank Marketing Intern- Warren Olaya

warrenbmoMy name is Warren Olaya and I am in my junior year. In early January I began my marketing internship in commercial banking at BMO Harris Bank. I’ve had the pleasure of working in various intern roles here for a couple years now but have never been in marketing. In late November I was given the opportunity to transition over to marketing and I’ve been extremely grateful that I’ve had the opportunity ever since. It’s much different from the compliance world that I was interning in before!

I am a marketing intern for commercial banking at BMO but I’ve luckily been able to meet many great people from different teams. As it’s my first month here I’ve had a large amount of informational meetings. These meetings are extremely enlightening and open up my eyes to corporate marketing operations. Upon arriving here I was able to meet with advertising, thought leadership, business banking and commercial banking just to name a few of the teams. The biggest thing I was excited about in coming here is the amount of experience the people around me had in marketing and upon arriving here I’m learning that this is very true. The colleagues around me have had years of agency experience and a good amount come from marketing departments at other banks. This combination of experience for me is priceless and in any meeting I’m at I’ve been eagerly listening to what everyone has to say.

Warren at his desk for his BMO Harris Bank Internship

Warren at his desk for his BMO Harris Bank Internship

BMO financial group is the 8th largest bank in North America based on assets. My team makes up just a fraction of this overall operation but still plays a vital part in its growth. On any given day I’m helping my manager keep track of events and sponsorships coming up or assisting in putting together slide decks for upcoming presentations. I’m learning time management now more than ever as I’m only here for a certain number of hours per week. I have to be sure I’m able to balance the amount of meetings I am in with the actual work I’m getting done. Timing is important!

In light of this, I am extremely overjoyed to be here. Yes I can get work experience, yes I have an internship, but the most important thing for me is that I’m learning from the individuals around me and their prior experience. I can’t stress enough, their experience, advice and stories they can tell me based on what they’ve been through is truly priceless. What they say are important lessons I can learn from. Through any meeting or interaction I’m here with open ears, ready to take in what is thrown my way.

A Day in the Life of the InnerWorkings Promotional Marketing Intern- Shelby Jancin

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InnerWorkings is a print management and promotional services company.  They offer a wide array of services aiming at reducing inefficiencies in the supply chain.  These services range from sourcing print materials, point of purchase displays, packaging, and branded merchandise; overseeing production; logistics; and warehousing.   InnerWorkings serves as the intermediary between the end user and the suppliers.

 My Position

Currently, I am interning as a Promotional Marketing Coordinator.  I specifically work within the promotional products division assisting in sourcing and production.

 Daily Responsibilities

Being a Promotional Marketing Coordinator brings different responsibilities each day.  I assist in all stages in production including sourcing ideas along with overseeing production, purchasing, and shipping.  Multitasking is inherent within a marketing coordinator job.  I work on a multiple client projects each day as well as some administrative tasks.

I communicate with clients, suppliers, and our internal teams on a daily basis.  Clients reach out for ideas on new projects as well as re-ordering past projects.  We often set up meetings with the clients that allow us to discuss their projects in person and continue to build business relationships.  My job requires that I come up with creative solutions for their promotional product needs that meet their branding requirements on-budget, on-time and with the highest level of service and quality.

InnerWorkings has a preferred circle of 150 vendors that have been approved based on having met quality and safety standards that I use as a resource for researching ideas.  We frequently communicate with vendors to collaborate on ideas for client projects, receive virtual layouts of current and potential orders, confirm pricing, and ensure production goes smoothly.  Once a week, we have a vendor come in to show us the new products in their line.

Internally, we have a team of 10 people who work specifically with promotional products.  We often pool ideas as it is helpful to gain other perspectives.  In addition, I work with my sales reps on current projects and coordinate with other departments, such as Finance, to expedite client projects.  We also have a showroom (pictured below) that has samples of past projects.  This can be used for inspiration, education, and is helpful when clients come for meetings at our office.

Company Size

InnerWorkings is a global company. The company is headquartered in Chicago with a offices in 30 countries throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. There are approximately 1,400 employees in the entire company.

I work in the Chicago office which has about 100 employees.  The promotional products team consists of about 10 people, however we all work for different sales reps.

More specifically, I work under my direct manager for one sales rep.  As a team of three we work closely to make sure our clients are satisfied.  I conveniently sit right next to my direct manager and we are both located outside of our sales rep’s office.


My internship has given my great insight into the branding and marketing field.  I continually learn new information regarding branding requirements and new ways of communicating.  I am extremely grateful that my sales rep has bestowed as much responsibility on me as she has.  She makes sure to include me in as much face to face contact with the clients as possible as well as continually develop my skills.

My favorite part about my internship is that I have been able to tailor my position, in some regards, to my interests and strengths.  I have always enjoyed math, analysis, details, and planning.  Luckily, my team needed a person to run reports periodically.  This responsibility evolved from looking at our client totals to using the reports to create strategies for handling accounts.  I now run reports that allow us to identify the clients who we obtain the highest margins with, do the most volume, place the most orders, and determine the percentages of their orders that are print versus promotional products.  We use this information to plan meetings and how to handle our top accounts.


A Day in the Life of a Champ’SOL Sports Marketing Intern- Adija Brown

adija 2
Company: Champ’SOL Sports Marketing
Title: Sports Marketing and Entertainment Specialist
My day to day activities include an array of things. For example, social media, social media is an important part of marketing and I am responsible for going on our social networking sites and getting our name out there. I am also responsible for creating power points, sending emails and making calls to corporate sponsors to try and get our athlete clientele appearances.

Champ’SOL is not that large of a company but is one of the fastest growing companies in the city of Chicago. With locations in Chicago, New York, Orlando and the headquarters in Houston, TX, Champ’SOL is making a name for itself.

Adija and NBA Guard, Tony Allen who she met because of her internship with Champ'Sol

Adija and NBA Guard, Tony Allen who she met because of her internship with Champ’SOL

This experience to say the least is a great learning experience. What I am doing, learning and who I am surrounded by reflects my career aspirations so therefore it is everything I could ask for in terms of experience. The only thing that I would wish was that I could actually be in the atmosphere of the headquarters.  I am not In the Chicago office as much but would love to get more of those day to day hands on experience.