A Day in The Life of a Consolidated Concepts Intern- Torey Gostek

Diving into the professional work environment, you must start somewhere. Although I’ve had previous exposure to the marketing industry working for another company independently, I’ve never worked in a professional office setting on a team, as a Sales and Marketing Analyst Intern.  The company I’m interning for is called Consolidated Concepts. It is part of a family of companies, under the name “Emerging,” that elevate restaurant and entertainment concepts to be among the top in the industry. Although I help all four companies under Emerging, I spend most of my time working for Consolidated Concepts, which optimizes supply chain for restaurants across the nation. The company employs around 100 people altogether but the office in Chicago, being very small, has only 20.

5A lot of my time involves researching new restaurant chains in which our supply chain optimization can be implemented. While searching for leads, I can be creative. Aside from looking in our data bases, there are numerous news sites or blogs that mention chains that align with our lead qualification criteria. We also discovered that we can get leads through alert messages which warns us of restaurant chains that are emerging, growing, merging, etc. Utilizing these alerts, has allowed us to place the ones that meet our criteria into a trigger-event campaign. This essentially means placing the customer into a specific email workflow, depending on whether they are a client or potential client. We use Marketo as the marketing automation software which helps send these email-triggered-events and it creates the workflows to engage customers and prospects. The process is efficient because it reaches over 200 leads every couple of weeks with one click of a button, while rest of the process is automated until a lead becomes qualified. Then, it’s up to the Sales Representative to take that qualified lead.

I’m working on another major project directly with the President of Emerging. We are putting together a blog that educates and inspires restaurant operators and C-Level Executives in areas such as real estate, data intelligence, cost reduction, and beverage education. The goal of this blog is not only to become the leader in educating emerging restaurants, but to gain more leads and obviously boost business. Along with writing white papers for the blog and interviewing c-level executives, I am learning about the marketing automation process for blogs as well. We are using HubSpot as our blogging platform. HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close business. I can’t wait to see what new business our blog brings in.

A Day in the Life of a UPshow Intern- Aida Moradi

13When you are looking for an internship, do you immediately glance over the job description and quietly in your head read, “grunt work?” Well, I did. I knew that if I applied for my first internship, I should just anticipate going on plenty of coffee runs and doing things that had little to nothing to do with the field I was interested in. Once I walked into UPshow, seeing that it was a laid-back start-up company with a social media mural on disply right when you walk into the office and white picnic tables instead of real tables, I realized that I might be wrong about my assumption.

The day I was hired, I was given the title, “Client Success Manager.” Such a prestigious label for a freshly hired intern! With only 25 people working for UPshow, I just assumed they didn’t already have that position filled so I gladly took the fancy title. The first few weeks at UPshow, I was given the tasks of creating spotlights and surveys for our clients. The spotlights are for their televisions in their bars that highlight certain events they host, such as Trivia Night or Happy Hour. I would go and creep around on the specific bar or restaurants’ social media pages to find out what events they are not utilizing for our spotlight feature. Then I would create the spotlight and apply it to their televisions right from my laptop in the office.

12After a short while, I was told to “scrap that” and start doing something else. I showed a slight interest in learning data analytics, so my boss wanted me to get started right away! I was given all the tools to figure out the data for each client and how they are doing each day, week, month, and year with our product. I now create leaderboards and case studies for certain clients that we want to, “tell the best story” to in order to keep them as a regular client. These are clients that want to see how UPshow is benefitting them. A leaderboard is for a client that has multiple locations or branches, and I create a presentation with each of their data analytics. A case study is for singular clients that want to see their data in terms of the past 3 months and 6 months, as well as overall data. Basically, all this data is showing our clients that we can get them more customers into their venues, and this will lend itself to increasing their sales.

What I have taken from this internship is that a start-up is a lot of work. Each individual working for UPshow wears multiple hats. Everyone needs to be skilled in how to manage roughly each aspect of the company. Each of us should know how to create social media content, create accounts, package and ship boxes, data analytics, customer service, and of course, knowing how to use the product. I have learned about the more creative side to marketing, where I had to create spotlights on Canva. I also had to learn the more numbers focused portion of marketing with all the data analytics. I have even learned about some tools that businesses use in order to keep their company running, such as, Sales Force. This internship has helped me understand marketing a little better, and how it encompasses many different aspects of sales.

A Day in the Life of a GYMGUYZ Intern- Jessica Genovese

I work for a company called GYMGUYZ. We are the leader’s in-Home Personal Training, and are committed to enhancing and changing the overall health and fitness of individuals worldwide. GYMGUYZ was founded in 2008 by Josh York, and the company had an immediate kick-off. To date, there are over 100 GYMGUYZ franchises in over 15 states, and we are currently working on opening a franchise in the U.K.

20While in the office, I search for different marketing events that we can display a booth at. I have to make sure that the events are affordable, realistic for us, and will be heavily populated. Negotiating booth pricing is also an important task, since our marketing budget is extremely low. Once my marketing events are booked, I go and attend these events with the goal of obtaining contact information from interested leads. After the marketing events, I call all of the leads and try to book them for our free assessment. Along with marketing events, I attend various amounts of Networking Events to try and build relationships with businesses. Once there is a relationship, I book a meeting to try and sell our Corporate Wellness Programs to their company.

I have learned a lot working here. I have learned how to create email campaigns, and how to tell which are successful or not. I have learned and became extremely comfortable with networking, and using networking to expand our business. My telemarketing skills have also improved with the high number of phone calls I conduct each week. Most of all, I have learned that “Success isn’t given, It’s Earned”. Working here and starting up a brand new company has taught me how difficult it is just to break even every month. I have taken into consideration how strategic you must be to earn business, and most importantly, retain business. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be able to lead a marketing team, and to learn the process of starting up a brand new company.

A Day in the Life of a Champ’SOL Sports Marketing Intern- Adija Brown

adija 2
Company: Champ’SOL Sports Marketing
Title: Sports Marketing and Entertainment Specialist
My day to day activities include an array of things. For example, social media, social media is an important part of marketing and I am responsible for going on our social networking sites and getting our name out there. I am also responsible for creating power points, sending emails and making calls to corporate sponsors to try and get our athlete clientele appearances.

Champ’SOL is not that large of a company but is one of the fastest growing companies in the city of Chicago. With locations in Chicago, New York, Orlando and the headquarters in Houston, TX, Champ’SOL is making a name for itself.

Adija and NBA Guard, Tony Allen who she met because of her internship with Champ'Sol

Adija and NBA Guard, Tony Allen who she met because of her internship with Champ’SOL

This experience to say the least is a great learning experience. What I am doing, learning and who I am surrounded by reflects my career aspirations so therefore it is everything I could ask for in terms of experience. The only thing that I would wish was that I could actually be in the atmosphere of the headquarters.  I am not In the Chicago office as much but would love to get more of those day to day hands on experience.

A Day in the Life of a CA Ventures Intern- Joyce Zhai

Me at my desk!

Me at my desk!

Hello! My name is Joyce Zhai and I am currently a Senior studying Marketing and Finance. This quarter, I am interning for CA Ventures, LLC which is the parent company for several business units such as CA Student Living, CA Office, CA Residential, CA Retail & Hospitality, and CA Asset Services. CA Ventures was founded in 2004 as Campus Acquisitions, LLC by our CEO Thomas Scott. The company started off focused in acquiring and developing high-quality student housing and it only recently moved into other markets to become CA Ventures.

At CA Ventures, I work in the marketing department for CA Student Living as the Market Analyst Intern. Since I go to school full-time, I only work three days of the week. As the Market Analyst Intern, I mainly work on existing markets and keeping up-to-date on what our competitors are doing. Some of my counterparts work on future markets and analyzing how to break into those markets. The markets we look at involve university dormitories, student housing complexes (think 1237 West), and apartment complexes on and near campus.

My favorite part of the office…we have 4 coffee machines!

My favorite part of the office…we have 4 coffee machines!

My day usually begins at 9 AM in the kitchen pouring myself a cup of coffee. After I have clocked-in, I begin sorting my reports in order by markets. This is important because I have to take into consideration the time zones my markets are in. I usually start my day by focusing on the markets that belong on the East Coast and gradually move towards the Midwest and the West Coast. My main tasks as the Market Analyst Intern is to perform my weekly updates on what our competitors are doing in terms of leasing for the next year, marketing events, specials offered to their tenants, and pricing. I repeat these tasks every week for several markets. At the start of every month, I also work on my monthly updates which usually take me about a week to complete given that I also go to school full time! For my monthly updates, I also keep up-to-date on competitors in the market and what they are doing.

Seems pretty easy, right? However, the hardest part is keeping track of all of the competition in a total of eight markets and inputting all of the information I have gathered into this huge Excel file with mathematical formulas and more information you’d ever want to know about the student housing market! A lot of what I do on a daily basis is also very time sensitive which can be stressful especially if a specific market is hard to get information on.

CA Ventures, LLC is headquartered in Chicago and has about 70-90 employees. The company is rapidly growing and I often find new faces floating around the office every week since we have been hiring new staff to support the new business units. The company has not even made it to its 10th birthday and has already accomplished so much. We have properties at a lot of major universities such as University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, Indiana University, University of Arizona, etc. We’re also actually building a property right across from the Lewis Center in the Loop Campus which would be convenient for students to roll out of bed and cross the street for class!

Joyce 2

I have been interning for this company for a little over a month and I can say that I’ve learned quite a bit about the real estate industry and what it’s like to work for a smaller and newer company. Previously, I’ve interned for big name companies such as Grant Thornton and Coca-Cola. It’s interesting to see how different it is to work for a big company versus a small company. CA Ventures being a smaller and newer company, I feel my work is valued higher and is depended on more than it was at a bigger company. I am constantly doing work and often times I find myself answering questions for many of the employees who are working on the same market as me. For the remaining time that I am interning for CA Ventures, I’d like to try and learn more about the whole process of developing a student housing complex instead of just focusing on analyzing markets. I’ve learned a lot so far and can’t wait to see what else is out there!

A Day in the Life of a DePaul Art Museum Intern-Olivia Morris

I am a DePaul intern pioneer for all future marketing interns at the DePaul Art Museum. The first of my kind! It’s pretty awesome. Being on the business side of the art and museum world can be exciting, fun and rewarding. It takes excellent communication and organizational skills, a creative and open mind, and a willingness to try new things.

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I started at the DePaul Art Museum two years ago as a gallery monitor. I was asked a year later if I wanted to be the collections intern, and then stumbled/gracefully fell into the marketing intern position.  The administrative staff consists of Louise Lincoln (Museum Director), Laura Fatemi (Associate Director), Greg Harris (Assistant Curator), and Alison Kleiman (Administrative Assistant and Events Coordinator).  We have a small administrative staff, four interns (I am counting myself twice here), and twelve gallery monitors.

I started at the DePaul Art Museum two years ago as a gallery monitor. I was asked a year later if I wanted to be the collections intern, and then stumbled/gracefully fell into the marketing intern position.  The administrative staff consists of Louise Lincoln (Museum Director), Laura Fatemi (Associate Director), Greg Harris (Assistant Curator), and Alison Kleiman (Administrative Assistant and Events Coordinator).  We have a small administrative staff, four interns (I am counting myself twice here), and twelve gallery monitors.

My goal for the end of my ten weeks as the marketing intern has been defined as: raising awareness and attendance of the DePaul student community to the museum. With no one on staff that handles marketing exclusively, Alison has been focusing marketing efforts on the city of Chicago and the greater Chicagoland area. Hoping emails will get passed along to students through the faculty, putting up fliers around campus, and having an excellent social media presence has been an effective way to promote to students thus far. The marketing intern role is now exposing me to all different channels that students utilize within the DePaul community.

My daily tasks have been formed along the way after first defining my role within the museum based on their most pressing needs. I put up fliers around the Lincoln Park campus, and will be putting up fliers around the Loop campus in the next few weeks. I get to research and create content for our social media platforms. This includes researching artists that we have on exhibition and creating tweets about them, diving into our collection of 2500 art objects and picking weekly features for our Instagram account, and sharing events on our Facebook page.

My daily tasks also include adding events to the Events.DePaul.Edu page weekly, so they can now pop up on the ever-famous Campus Connect that all students are happily forced to utilize. I am also in the process of trying to get a campus wide monthly newsletter sent to all DePaul undergraduates. [Shout out to Kate Stevenson for getting the museum on the track to a newsletter soon!]

I’ve gotten to learn a lot about how a relatively small art museum runs. I’ve been exposed to how a museum’s collection is acquired, processed and stored. I’ve assisted in planning and executing 17 different exhibitions over the last year and a half.  And now as the marketing intern, I get to think about how to communicate effectively to a certain audience in a world that is saturated with people who are trying to do the exact same thing. To me, marketing is problem solving, creativity and innovation through a greater organization’s lens. You have to look at the big picture and the details at the same time. Marketing for an arts organization like the DePaul Art Museum is a great way to utilize both sides of your brain (getting class credit is a plus, too!).
This is my last quarter at DePaul, and I just hope that the next hundred marketing interns have as great of an experience at the DePaul Art Museum as I have.

Right now we have the exhibition We Shall: Photographs by Paul D’Amato on the first
floor and the exhibition Histories / Photographies on the second floor:

The DePaul Art Museum is free for everyone everyday, so stop in on a break between classes or just whenever!

And don’t be shy on social media! 🙂
Twitter (@DePaulArtMuseum)
Instagram (@DePaulArtMuseum)

Facebook (Facebook.com/DePaulArtMuseum)

Thanks for reading,


A Day in the Life of the 3M Intern- Nick Barbera

I am working for 3M American multinational conglomerate corporation that is based in NB 1Minnesota. Most people know 3M for some of their famous products that they use everyday like Post-it notes, Scotch Tape, and Command Strips, but what people don’t know is that they come into contact or use 3M products 150 times a day without knowing it. 3M products are in your car, phone and even in the building that you work or live in. 3M is a Dow Jones industrial average company and is rated as the 3rd most innovated company in America, only behind companies like Apple and Google. I am working in the Commercial Graphics division. This division makes all the vinyl wraps that are seen on cars, trucks, buildings, and signs all across America. Some major trucks that are wrapped using 3M material are Dr. Pepper, Coke, Pepsi, Wal-Mart, Target, and many cars that you see wrapped on the streets.

Trucks with advertisements like this are seen all over the country!

Trucks with advertisements like this are seen all over the country!

For my job I am focusing more on the individual shops that apply these wraps to cars and trucks. There are different types of films that 3M sells that are used for different applications and I try to help out customer understand what films will work the best for them and their shop. My title is Sales Representative so I make sure that the customer is educated on our products and what they can do for them. We do not sell direct to the customer, we sell through distribution centers so another part of my job is to educate the distribution reps on our products so when a 3M rep is not with them they can still educate the customer about our products.

My day to day activities start with setting up my schedule for a whole week. That means call distributor reps and set up joint sales calls with them. Next part would be making those sales calls with them to the end user of our products to ensure that they are using our products as well as making sure we can capitalize on sales that we don’t currently have. Next I have to fill out Seibel information on all the customers that I go into. Seibel is a CRM system that helps sales reps know what is going on in accounts as well as know what to talk about when you getting ready to go into that account. The last part of my job is to fill out all the proper expense reports as well as any other paper work that is due each week.

The Lettuce Entertain You Intern- Marlee Tumpich

LEYEAs an intern for one of the top well-known restaurant groups, I am one of the few in my LEYE intern class not focusing my studies on hospitality.  Soon to be entering my senior year at DePaul, I am studying marketing and economics for my undergraduate degree.  One of the biggest misconceptions of the restaurant industry is that it is not a real field to find or hold a career in.  I have been working in the industry for three years now and can tell you from my own experience that it is one of the best pools to dip your networking toes in.  My first piece of advice to any student on the lookout for an internship is to take a look at any companies they have worked for or work for currently.  There is a good chance you may find a quicker way to an intern position.  Having resources and references helps so much and can make the search much less stressful.


Marlee (left) at work at RPM Italian

I have been working for LEYE since January 2012 when I started training for the opening of RPM Italian in downtown’s River North neighborhood right in the middle of all the action.  Since then, I have met countless important people and have gained an incredible amount of experience in a very high volume restaurant.  Upon learning about the company and their intern program, I reached out to my managers and some of the company’s partners to let them know of my interest in the summer intern program.  After applying and being accepted, I was ready and excited for the summer to begin.

Each intern is assigned an hourly position in one of LEYE’s many restaurants throughout the Chicagoland area or a position in the corporate office.  Since I already have been working as a hostess at RPM, I knew where I would be stationed for the summer.  Along with the hourly position, each week the interns meet once at the corporate office to take part in different seminars and listen to guest speakers from the company.  Everything from financials to social media marketing to culinary is discussed in our meetings. The interns are split up into groups and are assigned to come up with a restaurant concept from the ground up that they present to the LEYE partners at the end of summer.  The weekly meetings teach interns all the aspects that they should consider to incorporate into their projects.

In addition to the project and work tasks, interns are given a checklist of management responsibilities they have the option of learning about.  While interns are not required to complete everything on the list, it is in his or her own hands of how much he or she wants to experience and learn.  The more you involve yourself, the better the outcome of the internship as a whole.

A short run down of my day last week on a Tuesday began with an early start and ended later in the evening. First, I met my manager at RPM at 7 a.m. to shadow the opening manager shift.  We covered everything from the kitchen line check to food inventory to employee hours, schedules, and mapping out of the dinner shift later that evening.  After a long morning and afternoon, the interns met at RPM at 2:30 p.m. for our weekly meeting where the company architect/design coordinator spoke to us about his projects including a briefing on how RPM was created and designed.  Then, the groups were given some time during our meeting to discuss details and planning on our projects.  After the meeting ended at 5 p.m., I headed home to enjoy the rest of my day since I did not have to host that night at the restaurant.

The great thing about this internship is that it’s flexible enough, and each person can create what he or she wants out of it.  If you are interested in learning more about the industry or even just looking to gain some great experience, definitely check out Lettuce Entertain You’s website to learn more about the intern program or available positions within the company. There are currently over 100 restaurants in the company and well over 6,000 employees.  The progressive environment and great teams they build keep you on your toes and make for a great time.

The Lynn Hazan & Associates Intern- Mikaela Odell

Lynn Hazan

Hi. I am a marketing student at DePaul University. I currently intern at Lynn Hazan and Associates, which is a marketing and communication recruiting firm. We help companies find top candidates. Our clients contact us and give information about their job openings. We listen to their requirements and create the job specs. I often assist in this process. I post the job specs to LH&A website so job seekers can see what different jobs are available. It is important to spread the new job openings. We always post them on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media sites. This is something I have done various times.

LH&A has many clients and therefore many top candidates to find. We talk to many potential employees. We interview and send the top ones to the actual company. I have been able to sit in on one interview so far. It is a great opportunity to learn what companies are looking. I also get a chance to debrief with my boss. We review what the candidate did well, and not so well. This gives me a change to critically analyze and therefore understand

how a great interview looks like.

One activity that I often do at the office is researching potential candidates and companies. LinkedIn is a great tool for this. I go through LinkedIn profiles and try to find a match of credentials that fits the job specs. I also research various groups on LinkedIn and post jobs when appropriate. Last week I wrote a transcript for a reference check on one of our potential candidates. I also assisted in creating a video about our company, plus the current job openings we have. I provided my boss with feedback on her dialogue and body language. I also assisted with the recording.

Pictured is Lynn Hazan, Mikaela's boss at LH&A, and founder of the company. She is also a board member of the DePaul Marketing Advisory Council.

Pictured is Lynn Hazan, Mikaela’s boss at LH&A, and founder of the company. She is also a board member of the DePaul Marketing Advisory Council.

LH&A is a small company with the owner, and one other person working there. What makes the company exciting is that they always work with interns. We are currently four interns at LH&A. We are going to create a humorous YouTube video together. The video will showcase what to do, and what not to do, at an interview. We are also going to explain what an interviewer can do, and cannot do. This project is going to be very exciting. This is only one example of how Lynn Hazan, the owner of LH&A, gets her interns motivated and educated. Another example is that we eat lunch together every day. Lynn always has a fun an educational activity planned. She really cares about her interns and makes sure we grow and learn.          Yesterday I received a new project that I will be working on. I am going to create a PowerPoint presentation.  Lynn is going to present it at an Independent Writers of Chicago event this summer. Lynn often attends events and I have gone to three different ones. The events are filled with influential professionals.  Today we attended a Business Marketing Association event. I helped with the set up and then ate lunch with the attendees. Helen McIntoch, global director of marketing and communication at Ingredion, was the guest speaker. She spoke about the marketing efforts behind Ingredion’s big brand change.  These events are insightful and I get to see how companies use marketing to become successful.

Being an intern at LH&A is great because it prepares me and teaches me about the job search process. I am also learning how to interview and how to stand out from the competition. My writing and researching skills are improving as well. Overall, LH&A is a great place to intern at. Here is the link to our website: http://www.lhazan.com/content/index.php. Check it out.

The RCM Asset Management Intern- Stephanie Gilmore

RCM Asset Management

RCM Asset Management

Marketing is something that has always interested me and I was working at a job that was vaguely related to marketing for a few years but it definitely was not something that interested me in the long-term. When I started my job hunt, I was pleasantly surprised when I came across a Marketing Internship at RCM Asset Management. While I did apply to and speak with other companies RCM really stood out to me. The job description and the atmosphere at RCM sold me on their internship. For so many years, there were many different facets of marketing that interested me but I never had the chance to really get my feet wet and RCM gave me the opportunity to try out many different aspects of marketing. I was impressed by the variety of projects I would be working on.

My first day on the job was a little bit of a culture shock for me (in a good way), coming from a large media company and switching to a small financial services company. All of my colleagues were very friendly and I felt comfortable right away. My first project was to work on the intranet (internal portal) and in order to do so I had to interview all of my colleagues and find out about what the type of work they did and what their backgrounds were. I enjoyed doing this because it was it was a great way for me to find out more about my coworkers and how the company operates.

The thing that surprised me most about the Marketing Intern role at RCM Asset Management is the amount of autonomy I have been given. My boss is extremely intelligent and passionate about the company and she allows me to be as creative as I want to be and is always open to new ideas. She definitely is not a micromanager and that is refreshing. It is amazing to have the opportunity to collaborate with her.

My daily tasks include working on different marketing initiatives- whether that is writing internal and external marketing communications, making changes to the company website, posting to social media or brainstorming ways that we can better engage our clients. It is exciting to work for a financial services company because the company is targeting a very specific client and therefore, we have to find creative and innovative ways to connect with them. Another interesting part of this internship is finding ways to differentiate the company from the competition and communicating our competitive advantage. It has been intriguing meeting with different people in the company and public relations and marketing companies and hearing their perspective and learning about how different companies are communicating with their clients.

Overall, deciding to take advantage of this Marketing Internship opportunity at RCM Asset Management has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I feel like I am learning so much every day on the job and I am getting a lot out of it. It has also surprised me how much this internship and my classes complement each other. It is amazing to work somewhere where I am excited to go to work each day. I would definitely recommend looking into an internship opportunity to anyone who is looking to make a career transition.