A Day in the Life of a UPshow Intern- Aida Moradi

13When you are looking for an internship, do you immediately glance over the job description and quietly in your head read, “grunt work?” Well, I did. I knew that if I applied for my first internship, I should just anticipate going on plenty of coffee runs and doing things that had little to nothing to do with the field I was interested in. Once I walked into UPshow, seeing that it was a laid-back start-up company with a social media mural on disply right when you walk into the office and white picnic tables instead of real tables, I realized that I might be wrong about my assumption.

The day I was hired, I was given the title, “Client Success Manager.” Such a prestigious label for a freshly hired intern! With only 25 people working for UPshow, I just assumed they didn’t already have that position filled so I gladly took the fancy title. The first few weeks at UPshow, I was given the tasks of creating spotlights and surveys for our clients. The spotlights are for their televisions in their bars that highlight certain events they host, such as Trivia Night or Happy Hour. I would go and creep around on the specific bar or restaurants’ social media pages to find out what events they are not utilizing for our spotlight feature. Then I would create the spotlight and apply it to their televisions right from my laptop in the office.

12After a short while, I was told to “scrap that” and start doing something else. I showed a slight interest in learning data analytics, so my boss wanted me to get started right away! I was given all the tools to figure out the data for each client and how they are doing each day, week, month, and year with our product. I now create leaderboards and case studies for certain clients that we want to, “tell the best story” to in order to keep them as a regular client. These are clients that want to see how UPshow is benefitting them. A leaderboard is for a client that has multiple locations or branches, and I create a presentation with each of their data analytics. A case study is for singular clients that want to see their data in terms of the past 3 months and 6 months, as well as overall data. Basically, all this data is showing our clients that we can get them more customers into their venues, and this will lend itself to increasing their sales.

What I have taken from this internship is that a start-up is a lot of work. Each individual working for UPshow wears multiple hats. Everyone needs to be skilled in how to manage roughly each aspect of the company. Each of us should know how to create social media content, create accounts, package and ship boxes, data analytics, customer service, and of course, knowing how to use the product. I have learned about the more creative side to marketing, where I had to create spotlights on Canva. I also had to learn the more numbers focused portion of marketing with all the data analytics. I have even learned about some tools that businesses use in order to keep their company running, such as, Sales Force. This internship has helped me understand marketing a little better, and how it encompasses many different aspects of sales.

A Day in the Life of a Signature Branding Intern- Stephanie Cucinella

16Signature Branding is a high-end merchandising solutions company for artists, musicians and music festivals. They focus on delivering product that has high quality material and visual art that captures the client’s vision, while offering better revenue generation opportunities for the clients. They carry a competitive advantage from creating product from low cost strategies but consistently delivering the best possible solutions. The company believes that when fans have better merchandise from artists, more sincere and long term relationships are built with the artists.

As social media marketing intern at Signature Branding I have the responsibility to create original posts on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, analyze the engagement and sales that correlate with posts that I create promoting the product.

Additionally, I audit social media pages for clients, competitor’s companies, festivals, artists and musicians that the company would like to work with in the future. I interact on those pages and share the page’s content to create engagement. One of the most important day-to-day tasks for the social media marketing intern is to keep up with current trends, lineup releases, new art, and new songs from musicians. When everything can be connected, it is easier to tag the pages in a post drawing more attention from outsiders and people who do not “Like” Signature Brandings page, but like pages that Signature Branding has interacted with.

15This post was on Signature Brandings page, it shared another company’s article off their Facebook page that discussed a music festival and musicians that Signature Branding would like to work with in the future. On Signature Branding’s post I was able to tag that music festival and artist from the article, and connect them to our current client’s music festival where the same artist played at in 2016, bringing together our current clients and future clients while also still promoting our brand. Being aware of these connections helps Signature Brandings page become more exposed to different audiences within similar demographics. It is a way of online cross-promotion.

I also have been getting more involved in photoshoots, collection releases and information about upcoming projects. The more involvement I have in these internal projects, I am able to communicate about these upcoming releases on social media. The more that is communicated about the company on social media platforms, we are able to build more relationships with customers, clients and clients fans. For example, Signature Branding is releasing “collection one” at an event the company organized. The event includes a panel of Chicago natives that work in the streetwear, art, fashion and music industries and will discuss the intersection between music, art and fashion. Leading up to the event, I have created posts that talk about the panelists and focused on individual talents each panelist has, then connected it to their relationship with Signature Branding.

14           I enjoy everything I do at Signature Branding. I am interested in the music, fashion and art industry and enjoy exploring new music, artists and festivals. This intern ship is helping me network and broaden my knowledge about music, genres, artists and festivals. I am learning about companies, brands, artists, and musicians all over the United States I have never heard of. I have freedom to engage and interact with companies, musicians, artists and festivals I enjoy while also promoting Signature Brandings products. One thing I love about Signature Branding is the sincerity, determination and creative design behind every product. I have stickers, prints and clothing from Signature Branding that I love, not only do I get to learn about all these people and companies in the industry, I get to promote a product I sincerely love.

Being A Marketing Intern for MK Zubes- Allison Murphy

The company I work for is MK Zubes. It is an online women’s clothing company that specializes in modest clothing for Muslim women. The company wants to provide these women with fashionable choices for dressing modestly. Though mainly targeted to Muslim women, the clothing is on trend and fashionable and can therefore be worn and appreciated by any woman. The store operates mainly online, but throughout the year puts up booths at fairs and events to
increase sales and grow its customer base.

16I am a digital marketing intern. This means that I help with the company’s social media and online presence. I work with the analytics of the social media accounts and website (checking how many page visitors an Instagram post brings in, and if a promotion posted on social media brings in sales). I also help photograph products for social media posts and create graphic images to announce sales and convey the company’s message. Lastly, I help organize the company’s website, and also work to make banner images for the homepage and product images and details.

Most of my work is done remotely. I am given product to photograph by my boss and must send them to her to be approved. She also sends me messages asking to make graphic images to post on social media or resize and edit images to make them into banners. I have access to the back end of the site, allowing me to see what Instagram posts work to bring in customers to the site. I meet with my boss once a week to plan out the weeks marketing plan and to make sure we are on the same page and are on track. My boss often uses this time to tell me what work of mine she likes and doesn’t like, allowing me to make changes and improve.

15The company is small, only including 15 employees in total. Though many employees live in the Chicago area, some live in other parts of the country and therefore most communication is done online. Once a week, the marketing team holds a Google hangout so that we can all talk about the projects we are working on and what needs to be done. Communication with other teams is typically done through Slack. The small size of the company makes communicating much easier than if this were a company with many employees.

This internship has been a great experience for me overall. I have come to find that I want to peruse a more creative aspect of marketing. This internship allows me to do just that. I have the opportunity to work with both analytics and design, which is an experience I do not think I would get at another company. Furthermore, I am interested in fashion and style so I enjoy working for a clothing company.

14Another main reason why I like working for this company and why I have had such a positive experience is because I work for and with wonderful people. I work with powerful, hardworking women who are consistently inspiring me and empowering me to work harder every day.

Let’s Dissect the Intern

Let’s think1 of it as the best game of Operation: I do not buzz, except for when the phone rings nor I do not have plastic pieces that need to be taken out of my body. Although, every part of me is essential to being the Marketing Communications Intern in the DePaul Community and Government Relations Office. I will work from the bottom up, and as I get closer to the top the more you will know about the life of an intern.

Feet and legs, they go together naturally. Without these how do I get to work? I walk in through the revolving door, step onto the elevator and rise to the 19th floor. I walk into our office of six, sometimes seven, and take a seat to get right to work. These feet and legs have dashed to make copies, stood up to greet guests, crossed to take on an important meeting, and leaped to shake President Obama’s hand. Yes, my feet and legs needed to move to be the intern.3

Hands and arms, similar to feet and legs, yet even more involved. They type away on the keyboard when fact checking, editing websites, designing graphics, pressing send on emails, and compiling data. These hands also write newsletters, put together meeting folders, prepare for research initiatives, shake hands with public figures, and wave hello and see you tomorrow each day.

Mouth, it is necessary to communicate when being an intern. I say hello when I enter the office, I answer phones, I talk with community members, I converse with consular generals, and I check in with my other fellow intern. There are two of us and we cannot do our jobs without consistent communication. We work together and need to know what the other is working on in order to accomplish all we do. We work in tandem, and communication is key to making our office run as smoothly as it does.

Eyes and ears, I see and listen to a lot as an intern. I see spreadsheets, I look at reports, I review articles, and I make eye contact when communicating face to face with coworkers, community members, and public figures. These ears hear conversations, listen to important speeches, understand new concepts, and listen to feedback. These eyes get tired on occasion, and sometimes strained from looking at a computer screen, yet these eyes also get to see a President make his first speech back form vacation, see a project come to life in a community wide event, get to see and listen to people come together to help the entire city understand violence and come up with solutions towards improvement. These eyes and ears see and hear a lot, and are essential to never miss a beat.

2Heart, probably the most important part of being an intern is being passionate about the work I do each day, which comes from this beating organ in the middle of my chest. I am passionate about helping others, I am inspired when I hear motivational speakers, and I am driven when I research a cause reach out to. Passion is something I need to find in everything I do in order to have meaning and fulfillment in each endeavor I take pursue. All these experiences drive my passion to do what must be done as an intern.

A Day in the Life of the BMO Harris Bank Marketing Intern- Warren Olaya

warrenbmoMy name is Warren Olaya and I am in my junior year. In early January I began my marketing internship in commercial banking at BMO Harris Bank. I’ve had the pleasure of working in various intern roles here for a couple years now but have never been in marketing. In late November I was given the opportunity to transition over to marketing and I’ve been extremely grateful that I’ve had the opportunity ever since. It’s much different from the compliance world that I was interning in before!

I am a marketing intern for commercial banking at BMO but I’ve luckily been able to meet many great people from different teams. As it’s my first month here I’ve had a large amount of informational meetings. These meetings are extremely enlightening and open up my eyes to corporate marketing operations. Upon arriving here I was able to meet with advertising, thought leadership, business banking and commercial banking just to name a few of the teams. The biggest thing I was excited about in coming here is the amount of experience the people around me had in marketing and upon arriving here I’m learning that this is very true. The colleagues around me have had years of agency experience and a good amount come from marketing departments at other banks. This combination of experience for me is priceless and in any meeting I’m at I’ve been eagerly listening to what everyone has to say.

Warren at his desk for his BMO Harris Bank Internship

Warren at his desk for his BMO Harris Bank Internship

BMO financial group is the 8th largest bank in North America based on assets. My team makes up just a fraction of this overall operation but still plays a vital part in its growth. On any given day I’m helping my manager keep track of events and sponsorships coming up or assisting in putting together slide decks for upcoming presentations. I’m learning time management now more than ever as I’m only here for a certain number of hours per week. I have to be sure I’m able to balance the amount of meetings I am in with the actual work I’m getting done. Timing is important!

In light of this, I am extremely overjoyed to be here. Yes I can get work experience, yes I have an internship, but the most important thing for me is that I’m learning from the individuals around me and their prior experience. I can’t stress enough, their experience, advice and stories they can tell me based on what they’ve been through is truly priceless. What they say are important lessons I can learn from. Through any meeting or interaction I’m here with open ears, ready to take in what is thrown my way.

A Day in the Life of the InnerWorkings Promotional Marketing Intern- Shelby Jancin

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InnerWorkings is a print management and promotional services company.  They offer a wide array of services aiming at reducing inefficiencies in the supply chain.  These services range from sourcing print materials, point of purchase displays, packaging, and branded merchandise; overseeing production; logistics; and warehousing.   InnerWorkings serves as the intermediary between the end user and the suppliers.

 My Position

Currently, I am interning as a Promotional Marketing Coordinator.  I specifically work within the promotional products division assisting in sourcing and production.

 Daily Responsibilities

Being a Promotional Marketing Coordinator brings different responsibilities each day.  I assist in all stages in production including sourcing ideas along with overseeing production, purchasing, and shipping.  Multitasking is inherent within a marketing coordinator job.  I work on a multiple client projects each day as well as some administrative tasks.

I communicate with clients, suppliers, and our internal teams on a daily basis.  Clients reach out for ideas on new projects as well as re-ordering past projects.  We often set up meetings with the clients that allow us to discuss their projects in person and continue to build business relationships.  My job requires that I come up with creative solutions for their promotional product needs that meet their branding requirements on-budget, on-time and with the highest level of service and quality.

InnerWorkings has a preferred circle of 150 vendors that have been approved based on having met quality and safety standards that I use as a resource for researching ideas.  We frequently communicate with vendors to collaborate on ideas for client projects, receive virtual layouts of current and potential orders, confirm pricing, and ensure production goes smoothly.  Once a week, we have a vendor come in to show us the new products in their line.

Internally, we have a team of 10 people who work specifically with promotional products.  We often pool ideas as it is helpful to gain other perspectives.  In addition, I work with my sales reps on current projects and coordinate with other departments, such as Finance, to expedite client projects.  We also have a showroom (pictured below) that has samples of past projects.  This can be used for inspiration, education, and is helpful when clients come for meetings at our office.

Company Size

InnerWorkings is a global company. The company is headquartered in Chicago with a offices in 30 countries throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. There are approximately 1,400 employees in the entire company.

I work in the Chicago office which has about 100 employees.  The promotional products team consists of about 10 people, however we all work for different sales reps.

More specifically, I work under my direct manager for one sales rep.  As a team of three we work closely to make sure our clients are satisfied.  I conveniently sit right next to my direct manager and we are both located outside of our sales rep’s office.


My internship has given my great insight into the branding and marketing field.  I continually learn new information regarding branding requirements and new ways of communicating.  I am extremely grateful that my sales rep has bestowed as much responsibility on me as she has.  She makes sure to include me in as much face to face contact with the clients as possible as well as continually develop my skills.

My favorite part about my internship is that I have been able to tailor my position, in some regards, to my interests and strengths.  I have always enjoyed math, analysis, details, and planning.  Luckily, my team needed a person to run reports periodically.  This responsibility evolved from looking at our client totals to using the reports to create strategies for handling accounts.  I now run reports that allow us to identify the clients who we obtain the highest margins with, do the most volume, place the most orders, and determine the percentages of their orders that are print versus promotional products.  We use this information to plan meetings and how to handle our top accounts.


A Day in the Life of the Museum of Contemporary Art:Chicago Intern- Melissa Roels

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Working in the marketing department of the Museum of Contemporary Art: Chicago is one of the most well rounded experiences I could have gained from a museum internship. The technical title of the marketing department is Communications and Community Engagement, which allows me to partake in an array of tasks at the MCA. What I love the most about interning there is that I am able to interact with almost every department (it also helps that my desk is next to the coffee pot!).

The MCA Chicago is one of the largest designated spaces for contemporary art. Contemporary art is a loose categorization of art generally defined as works from 1945 onwards. As a museum we try to focus on community interaction and engagement, making fine art a democratic experience for all.  So, by no means is this a stuffy museum! We try to remain current in technology trends for educational purposes, such as podcasts which explain more about our exhibitions, and also fun trends like the MCA’s edition of the Harlem Shake dance craze, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uShe_kKLLIk.

Day to day activities vary depending on the exhibition schedule as well as events taking place at the museum. The most consistent activities I do everyday is record and file ads which we have placed in various periodicals, and add guest passes into excel spread sheets from the weekend. I also fulfill donation requests from organizations and organize the materials to be mailed to them. On Tuesdays, I have the pleasure of working outside during the afternoon at the farmer’s market. This is a great way to answer questions people have about up coming exhibitions, we also let them know that it is not only the day we are open late with events scheduled for people to enjoy but it is also free for all Illinois residents. On more interesting days, we may something like a performance piece going on that I get to document via social media, or just get to go see with my either of my two supervisors. (Check out the picture of Miller and Shellabarger crocheting their on going piece Untitled, Pink Tube, 2003–present).

As I said before my position allows me to interact with all parts of the museum. I benefit from seeing a “behind the scenes” of how a large institution runs. Sitting in on the staff meetings, I get to experience how they solve problems between departments. It also is great to see how much effort and passion is put in by the people who work there. Each employee has their unique reasons for working at the MCA and it comes through their work and engagement every time I am interning there. Each of uphold the key section of the mission statement, “The MCA aspires to engage a broad and diverse audience, create a sense of community and be a place for contemplation, stimulation, and discussion about contemporary art and culture.” Among all the business experience I am taking in, I am also learning about the kind of environment I would aspire to work in as a career.

The C.H. Robinson Intern-Allyson Turner

downloadI am a carrier sales representative intern for C.H. Robinson. I work directly under the number one carrier sales representative Paul Bogacz. My company is an international Fortune 250 company, the Chicago Central Branch housing 800 people.

In the mornings, I start my day off by looking at the shipments booked from the day before. I call the drivers and dispatchers and verify location and times of arrival and departure. We log every movement the driver makes with the load during the shipment. Once I have checked the previous loads, I work on compiling the driver information for the loads leaving the shipper that day. Once everyone has been checked in, I begin booking the loads that have yet to be assigned. When booking a load, I can receive a call from a random carrier, or have to search in our databases for a good fit. I look at their location, rating, and desired rates. Then, I begin to haggle over prices and “dollars per mile” that they want versus what I can pay them in order to still have a margin of commission for my representative.photo

Every day is busy and fulfilling. I try to book more loads than the day before and learn the secrets of the trade. I have learned exactly what makes a shipment more desirable than others aside from the monetary value assigned to them. I was evaluated by my direct superior, Paul, on Monday, and he gave me a perfect review. I was even asked to come back during the school year in my free time and work during my winter break. Three weeks into my internship, I have been offered a job after college. I am extremely happy with the way my internship has been going.

Chicago Symphony Orchestra Intern—Paul Han

This summer, I am working as a marketing intern at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra building

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra building

Since its erection in 1891, the Grammy-winning Chicago Symphony Orchestra has been praised as one of the greatest symphony orchestras in the world. According to the influential British classical music magazine Gramophone, the Chicago Symphony has been ranked as the best American orchestra of the world’s greatest orchestras ranking.  The orchestra performs more than two hundred concerts every year around the world and a hundred fifty of them at its downtown home, the Symphony Center.  When not playing at prestigious concert halls, the orchestra commits time and effort in community engagement in Chicago neighborhoods.

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra is currently lead by the preeminent Italian conductor, Maestro Riccardo Muti.  Under Maestro Muti’s leadership since September 2010, the orchestra was awarded two Grammy awards.  A winner of numerous awards and honors, Maestro Muti was recently awarded the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters from DePaul University.

My daily work focuses around various large and small projects that I work on consistently, sometimes even simultaneously.   Although the workload is heavy,  I am enjoying being busy. The two major projects that I partake in are Morton East High School Research & Outreach, and FY12 and FY13 Student Ticket Buyer Research.

On the Morton East project, I am working with Director of Marketing and assist with researching the Cicero neighborhood for active community organizations, chamber of commerce, etc.  The purpose of this project is to promote the CSO’s September 18th community concert at the high school.  I am also responsible of managing poster and distribution that will take action in August.Link: http://cso.org/TicketsAndEvents/EventDetails.aspx?eid=6018

As for my student ticket buyer research project,  I will do a complete survey analysis of how concerts’ characteristics (demographics, concert series with most sold, popular days of week, online vs. box office etc.) affect student ticket sales and the revenue.   Based on the result, I will make a report on how to maintain and bring in more student patrons to the CSO concerts.

Intern Paul Han pictured at his internship at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Intern Paul Han inside the Symphony Center where he interns for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Currently, there are about 108 musicians in the orchestra, who all are the very best orchestral musicians in the world. As of the size of the administration, excluding the President’s office, there are 16 departments and 100 administrators in the administration, a rare size for a symphony orchestra administration.  The Marketing Team has 7 members, who are not only some of the best orchestra administrators in the nation, but also very kind and welcoming individuals as well. Participating in weekly meetings with them and other department people inspire me to work hard to reach their caliber one day.

As a marketing major student who wants to pursue a career in orchestra management, working for an internationally-renowned institution like the CSO has been a dreamlike experience for me.    When I was looking for internships, I kept in mind that I want to find one that can help me succeed as a solid entry-level professional in any career–not just in arts management.  Luckily,  I am very grateful that I am “catching two birds with one stone”.

Like at every internship,  internships at the CSO are equally competitive as well(strong knowledge of classical music is certainly recommended!).  Being a team player with positive and open- minded attitude will certainly distinguish you as a strong candidate.

As I enter my Sophomore year in the fall, I am confident that being a CSO Intern will help me to develop into a better-prepared student in DePaul’s Marketing Program.