A Day in the Life of an EXP Intern- Jaimie Thimmesh Rachie

Waking up to a blaring alarm at 4am, and another at 4:45, and yet another at 5:20. It’s kick-off day at EXP, which means the 7 people in our Air B&B have been up since the crack of dawn checking in student groups for flights.

EXP Trips is a student travel organization that leads groups of students on educational trips. They plan all aspects of the trip, and then meet the students and explore the city with them. Our last student trip was in Anaheim, California, where we led over 500 students on a 5 day trip. Every day at EXP is so different, but one of our most active and busy days was a perfect example of what it takes to be an EXP Intern.

4At around 6am, the TripHosts (people leading the trip) pile into our rental car, and head to the LAX airport to welcome some of our early groups. Bright neon shirts, sugar cookies in toe, and gigantic signs to help direct the students.

Once at the airport, we set up our display in the baggage claim area. Signs set up, bags on bags of t-shirts for the students, and signs set up, we are ready to welcome the students! We confirm their landing, check what carousel their bags will be arriving on, and call the bus company to make sure they are ready to be loaded. We will be at the airport for upwards of 6 hours, welcoming different groups. We split up into teams to tackle each group.

The students and teachers arrive to the baggage claim, and cautiously approach the neon-shirt crew. We are excited to see them and make them feel welcomed. We direct them with our gigantic signs (“Follow us!! (Unless you aren’t with EXP, that would be awkward!)”) to the idle bus, have them line up their bags, and quickly load up the bus for them. The bus goes to their hotel (where we have already called ahead to check in the group, and get their keys ready.)

We give the students about an hour to settle into their rooms and get ready for the day. Then we load back the bus, and bring the students to Huntington Beach. After three hours, we align the buses for pick-up do check-ins as each student loads the bus. Once we are on the bus, we hand out Angel’s tickets, and Angel’s hats for all the students.

We arrive at the game and have the students text a number. This number allows us to easily send a mass text to all the students to let them know where the bus will be, when we are leaving, and any other important information that needs to be conveyed.

After the game, we load the students and send them back to their hotel. We give the teachers the itinerary for the next day and let them on be on their way.

The EXP TripHost team meets back at the Air B&B and goes over the entire schedule for the next day. It is a busy day as it is filled with lots of logistics and communication, but it is so fun!


A Day in the life of the City Church Chicago Intern- Jamie Anastasia

This internship is very different than most positions I have held in the past.  Since it is a Marketing internship for a non-profit organization, specifically a religious organization, it has given me a great opportunity to discover how to use my ideas and techniques in a new way to target diverse and broad markets.  There are approximately 35 employees and 150 active volunteers at City Church Chicago.

My title at City Church Chicago is Marketing/Creative Intern.  One of my main duties is to be in charge of planning and executing all marketing and promotional events within the church and throughout the city.  This includes hosting themed fundraisers, sports outings, mixers, and concerts.  These events raise money or awareness for the church and its philanthropic/community service endeavors.  One of the main initiatives for City Church Chicago this fall is Urban Hope, a community center that City Church Chicago opened in a neighborhood of the west side to provide children with a safe and positive environment after school.  There are 3-5 events per month and all of them benefit or raise awareness for the Urban Hope project.

The other side of my internship is working with the Creative Team at City Church Chicago.  This team designs all the social media, video recaps, building decorations, and helps promote the culture at City Church Chicago.  My day-to-day activities include assisting the Creative Director and Communication Director with completing any seasonal projects.  I assist with social media posts on Twitter and Instagram and respond to any inquiries for information on those sites.  Each week I edit and post podcasts of the weekly services on the website so that those who are interested can see what the church is like and those who are currently members can catch up on the current series if they have missed any services.

This internship has been extremely eye opening for me because I have never had the opportunity to see behind-the-scenes of any non-profit organization before.  Since I am assisting for marketing for a church, the ideal market is anyone and everyone in Chicago because anyone is welcome to come to the church services and events.  I am learning more about broadening content and creating several different versions of each post or ad that can appeal to different demographics.  I am excited to continue to learn more about how the marketing team functions in this organization.

A Day in the Life of a Language Stars Intern- Dylan Plachta

dylanlanguagestarsLanguage Stars mission is simple: “To revolutionize how and when American children learn foreign language to foster a future generation of multilingual Americans.” How the company goes about achieving this mission is not so simple.

My role in the process of changing the foreign language influence in America is not with recruiting hundreds of teachers from across the globe nor is it managing one of the 25 Language Stars centers throughout Chicago, DC and Baltimore. Nor do I work with the conversion team on increasing enrollments. But what I do impact is all of these departments. This is because I work in the marketing department as the marketing intern.As the marketing department we brand each center, promote our products and services through e-blasts, direct mail postcards and much more.

The marDylan 1keting department consists of three team members: the marketing manager, marketing director, and marketing intern. With three members to support 25 centers and all departments within the company there is plenty of work to complete each day. My responsibilities are recording and storing all the marketing invoices in the marketing budget budget. As well as reconciling the budget at the end of each season. I also list all of Language Stars events online and in magazines. Examples of Language Stars events are story times in a foreign language, kid expos, fairs, and much more. I also do most of the reporting for the marketing department. I form a Free Class Report each week to see how many free classes each center schedules as well as the progression of that free class until enrollment. I also maintain three competitive analyses that I created. One looks at other kids’ foreign language instruction companies, another looks at all kids’ enrichment programs, and the last details summer camps. Other reports I create and produce are seasonal reports that contain free class numbers, enrollments, and new inquiries. I am in the process of creating additional reports that will allow the marketing department to see how productive local marketing events are in terms of ROI. Finally, I am charge of ordering and shipping all of the promotional materials for each center (i.e. balloons, t-shirts, pens, flyers, etc.).

Through this internship so far, as I have been here since February of 2013, I have learned how use excel and many useful tools it possesses to create invaluable reports. Furthermore, I have learned how to work in a team and develop ideas that affect an entire company. Additionally, I have gained experience as freshman and now a sophomore that will be very beneficial to me in my future endeavors.