A day in the life of a Blackhawks Intern- Zoe Schmerin

1They always say that no two days are the same and that is exactly true when you’re on the street team for the Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Club. Things change during the year, hockey season comes and goes, but the street team is ongoing. Events all around Chicago want to feature the Blackhawks and the Blackhawks want to get their name out into the public for the sake of their fans. That’s where I come in, my coworkers and I are the ones at these events, the ones people see as the face of the Blackhawks and sometimes the first experience people have with the organization. The job is broken into two parts; game day staff and event staff. Let’s discuss them both.

Game day staff is the best part, the time everyone looks forward to. If you aren’t into being at hockey games and taking in that atmosphere maybe this isn’t the right position for you. Games are exciting, so much can happen and it can happen quickly. The positions are chosen at random and range from helping silent auction, manning a sign creation station, getting people excited about the kid’s club, and T-shirts. If I had to choose my favorite I would pick T-shirts every time. This season, the club implemented t-shirt Sunday where every period shirts were thrown and dropped from the parachutes.


What most people don’t know is that someone needs to actually fill the machine that drops those parachutes all the way up in the rafters. These games were filled with heading up to the rafters, filling the machines and then heading back down to help the Ice Girls throw shirts to fans and repeating. It might seem like a routine but during the games anything can change and you might find yourself delivering presents to season ticket holders for a ticket sales representative. Words of advice, take charge and think on your feet. As I said things change and sometimes you might need to handle a situation meant for someone with higher rank than you.

3Now we go to event staff, these events range from those put on for sponsors and those put on outside of the United Center at festivals and events throughout the Chicagoland area. Generally, only 5 people go to these and there is no “higher up” heading out with you. You load up the cruiser, read the event description on the way, put a smile on your face and make sure these fans have the times of their lives. Questions come from all angles and sometimes you might not know the answer, ITS OKAY TO TELL THEM THAT. The last thing you want is to tell someone something wrong and disappoint them. Let them know that you will ask your supervisor and have them check back for the answer. Events can be long, and people can get annoying but that’s all part of the day and of the job. Over all it’s exciting, it’s fun, and it’s an unforgettable experience.  For someone interested in sports and finding a way in, this is the way to go. Join the street team, make your connections, and keep them for as long as you may need. Most of all, HAVE FUN!















A Day in the Life of an Avant Intern- Alex Wallace

1Avant is a financial tech personal lending startup founded in 2013 by Al Goldstein, John Sun, and Paul Zhang. They founded Avant with the simple mission of lowering the costs and barriers of borrowing, and they have definitely made headway with the company quickly growing to over 500 employees. I fit into the  Avant landscape as a Performance marketing intern with a specific focus on our affiliate partnerships; I do a lot of research and analysis to make sure our partners are performing and happy. For a broader overview of Avant’s entire Marketing department I decided to compare it with a watch.

The Marketing department at Avant is like a watch. The unique design of the finished product appeals to consumers’ needs. However, while the design catches the purchaser’s eyes, it’s the intricate gear-work that really makes things tick. In other words, marketing is more than creating and promoting a company. It too has a “time-telling” function. At Avant, researching and analyzing data are the vital components needed to stay competitive and remain successful. Marketing encompasses a variety of skill sets, which is why Avant selects young talent with diverse backgrounds. In turn, this allows them to adapt to company culture and provide valuable contributions to the team.

Thus far in my internship my main projects have been creating an industry competitive analysis and monitoring specific partners’ performance. On top of this I have been learning SQL, a basic programming language that is used to run many of the platforms used by the marketing department and Avant. The combination of learning and contributing has been great and I have learned a lot about the lending and financial industries in a short space of time. My role should grow even further throughout the rest of the summer and I should soon be entrusted with a few affiliates of my own to communicate with and help onboard.  I love the open environment within in the company which helps promote cross-department collaboration as well as the enthusiastic workforce. I am excited to see what the rest of the summer holds.

A Day in the Life of a Reklama Media Company Intern- Sandra Foltushanskiy

I work for a small advertising company located in Northbrook, IL called Reklama Media Company. There are about 30 people working at the company, with about half being eastern-European (Polish, Russian, Ukrainian). Reklama is a premier multimedia marketing company, offering expertise in local marketing, advertising, and multicultural marketing. It is one of the top media companies in the North Chicago Metropolitan area, specializing in the Eastern-European, Hispanic, and American segments of the market, operating businesses in publishing and broadcasting.

Coming into the job, I was very nervous and timid, as anyone would be starting a new job with unfamiliar faces, tasks, and objectives. However, with time, I grew to love every single person I work with (some more than others, of course) and grew to create amazing relationships and bonds with my coworkers. Because I am a marketing & design intern, I understood that I would be communicating daily with those I work with and eventually understood that building trustworthy and loyal relationships within the company, especially because it is such a small company, is crucial to getting my tasks done and accomplishing not only my goals but the company’s goals as well.

You may ask, what does it mean to be a marketing AND a design intern? Well, I am a mixture of both, so I get to experience a little bit of both worlds. Currently, I am a marketing major and a graphic design minor, so this position worked out perfectly for me. Regarding the marketing side, I work hand-in-hand with the marketing team (about 10 people), where communication and patience play a key role in accomplishing any/all goals. Because I am an intern, at times I am all over the place. One day I can be working with the marketing team, helping generate new, creative, fresh ideas for our newspapers and magazines, and the other day I am asked to manage our social media accounts and update them with new promotional/marketing content. One day I can be helping the marketing director come up with the content for new media kits, and the other day I am asked to research potential clients who would be interested in advertising any of their products/services and contact them to try and sell advertise space in our newspapers and magazines. Basically, I get to experience various types of marketing throughout the week. This is very beneficial to me because I get to witness, understand, and experience much that marketing has to offer.

So, what’s the other half all about? Well, as a design intern, I work hand-in-hand with the design

Front Cover of the first three issues of R Local Town Magazine (to view the digital version of the entire magazine, visit www.rlocaltown.com)

Front Cover of the first three issues of R Local Town Magazine
(to view the digital version of the entire magazine, visit http://www.rlocaltown.com)

team and aid in the page design of our magazine called R Local Town as well as the Russian and Polish newspaper (Reklama Newspaper and Chicago Rewia Newspaper). I meet with the creative director and the other 3 graphic designers at our company once a week who all assist and work together to plan out the page layout for the magazine and the newspapers. As soon as we have a set plan for what pages the editorials/ads will be on, I begin designing the magazine editorials. Usually I get assigned anywhere from 5-10 pages to be designed in the span of 2 weeks, depending on the issue. After I finish with the magazine page designs, I report back to my creative director and go over the proof of the page layouts I designed before finalizing it and sending the magazine to print. My creative director critiques my work and gives me helpful feedback to any changes or additions he considers is needed. Meanwhile, during the design of R Local Town Magazine, every Thursday I responsible for designing the Polish Newspaper called Chicago Rewia. Again, my creative director gives me the page layout and I go ahead and design the newspaper. As soon as I finish, I e-mail him a proof, and of course, he gives me feedback, I finalize the newspaper, and it is ready to go to print by Friday morning.

I consider myself lucky that I am able to experience both the marketing side as well as the design side at the same time, as both are a true passion of mine that I am pursing early in my life. Being an intern at Reklama Media Company has taught me so much and has given me an opportunity to experience different aspects of marketing and design and made me truly understand how interrelated the two are. It has taught me to grow, accomplish, and accelerate within the company and to remain focused, calm, and patient in a fast-paced working environment. It has taught me how important being an intern is, even though I am constantly being told what to do and don’t really have a set plan for my tasks and objectives every day. However, being there for almost a year now and proving myself to the company landed me a full-time position after graduation, which I am more than thankful for. The importance of starting early and obtaining an internship to gain that experience early in life has proven to be absolutely crucial. I have made so many new friends and have built so many new relationships, that it almost makes me laugh at how nervous I was coming in to the job. But I realized that it is okay to be nervous. In fact, it is a good thing – because everything new is nerve-racking, but it is also very exciting and opens a door for new opportunities.

A Day in the Life of a Motorola Solutions Marketing Intern–Ahmed Alawami

alawami1It was an exciting moment when I received a call last March from Motorola Solutions, Inc. to invite me for an interview for an available marketing internship opportunity over the summer. The hiring manager told me that after she reviewed my resume and application, she thought that I had the right academic background and experience mixture she was looking for. She needed a candidate who is a graduate student in marketing but who also has an IT background and can understand complex technological offerings. Prior to joining DePaul, and after I graduated with my bachelor’s in Information Science, I worked for couple of years in sales and consultation for an IT firm.

Motorola Solutions, Inc., based in Schaumburg, IL, serves the Government and Enterprise segments by designing, manufacturing, and selling communications infrastructure, devices, system software, and applications. It has about 22,000 employees around the globe and is one of the two companies that were born after the original Motorola, Inc. split in 2011. Motorola Solutions, which is the legal successor, sold its mobile business to Google, Inc. which formed a new company, based in Chicago, IL, called Motorola Mobility.

ASTRO 25 is Motorola Solutions’ core of public safety mission critical communication systems. It is the radio system used by first responders like firefighters, police officers and 911 dispatchers to communicate. Being the ASTRO Marketing Intern, I spend 80% of my time with the Global Product Management team within the System Infrastructure Operations unit, and the remaining 20% with the Global Product Marketing team.

alawamiFour days of the week, I meet with product managers and research from various resources to collect information and create new Go-To-Market material, or update old ones that no longer have valid information due to feature changes due to system updates. I find the most fun in creating new GTM material because, especially for my first project, there are valued offerings that the market is not aware of, and having GTM material for these offerings available to sales teams, means better sales opportunities and greater revenue.

Once a week, I work with the Global Product Marketing team. With this team, I learn about various marketing efforts purely run by the team. I learn about best practices to prepare for new product launches like creating brochures, multimedia and webpages. I also learn about plans and preparations prior to major exhibitions from organizing the products for display to testing the demo units. One more very interesting skill I’m learning with this team is the depth of thoughts that go in creating GTM material, not in terms of design, but in terms of information. What information goes in the material, to whom it will be presented, who will use it and when in the lifecycle of the product it will be used are just a small sample of the questions that are discussed prior to creating new GTM material and when reviewing and updating new ones.

A Day in the Life of a PepsiCo Category Management Intern- Nina Bulat

Category Management Intern at PepsiCoPepsicoBuilding-Chicago-00907-004a

PepsiCo – did over $66 billion in revenue in 2013, food and beverage portfolio that consists of 22
brands that each did over $1 billion in estimated annual retail sales in 2013

Day-to-Day Activities:

As a Category Management Intern my daily activities varied depending on what portion of my project I was working on. On a typical day, I would arrive at the office by 7:30AM and the first thing I would do is check my emails. This was always first on my list because if there was something important such as a calendar invite for that day or an email that required immediate action, I wanted to make sure I responded as soon as possible.

At the beginning of my internship, after checking emails I would normally begin pulling data from multiple sources to collaborate for my project. With the data I would conduct analyses utilizing different mathematical formulas in order to find out measures such as dollar opportunity, share of wallet, etc. Aside from collecting and analyzing data in order to apply it toward my project, I needed use those findings and recreate them in a visually appealing way in order to present it out in what is referred to as a ‘deck’.  A deck is just another word for a power point presentation.

Another part of my day was scheduling and attending connects. Connects are one on one meetings that are set-up in order to network, further your understanding of the business, and get a different perspective on other divisions within PepsiCo. Personally I did over 25 connects throughout the duration of my internship with people across various channels of PepsiCo I met with people from Space, Strategy, Supply Chain, Marketing, etc. which also included different brands within PepsiCo’s portfolio (i.e. Quaker, Gatorade, etc.).

Also, even though I had a project that I was working on, there would be times where I would need to pull data for my manager or update data in an existing deck. It all depended on what was going on or what needed to be done, but there was always something to be doing it was just a matter of what. A few other day-to-day activities included scheduled meetings with my manager or impromptu meetings with my mentor or other co-workers/interns. Grabbing lunch with fellow interns and/or co-workers was also something that was a frequent occurrence.

PepsiCo Chairman Indra Nooyi Speaks At Investor MeetingAdditional Activities: Aside from everyday functions within my internship, there were a number of other things I did while interning at PepsiCo. I joined an ‘ERG’ which is an Employee Resource Group, attended three different plant tours (two beverage and one food), did community service with other Chicago-based interns at the Greater Chicago Food Depository, and doing a merchandiser route ride. A merchandiser route ride is where you go to different stores; I went to Walmart and Jewel, and stock/re-stock shelves and coolers with PepsiCo products.

The CitySwarm Intern- Katie Beery

To give some background information, I work for the company called CitySwarm. CitySwarm is a Chicago based company that hosts all-inclusive and highly social events geared towards young professionals. These events span from experiences that include all but are not limited to, events that are recreational, social, and cultural. The company is still small, being that it began only about two years ago in 2010. A young woman named Lindsay Saewitz founded the company after she tried out the new and increasingly popular group-buying website offerings, and was disappointed in the experiences that she had. CitySwarm not only creates and designs all-inclusive events, but also uses these events as a platform to market various businesses in Chicago.


            In regards to my title at CitySwarm, I am a marketing intern, but my duties are not limited solely to marketing tasks. My day as an intern for this company usually begins with looking through “HARO” emails, which are sent three times a day. These emails are from various media sources and outlets nation-wide, asking questions and opinions on many types of topics including business, entertainment, travel, and more. My job is to go through and read all of the posts and email all of the ones that might work well to promote and or get the word out about the CitySwarm Company. As an intern for this company I meet with Lindsay and any other interns at the time twice a week, usually Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 9:00am until around noon. 


            The next thing that I do for CitySwarm as their intern is doing all the pre-event marketing for all of the upcoming events. The pre-marketing that I do for each event includes posting a picture, a summary of the event, the ticket price, and what each ticket includes on different social websites. These websites include: Facebook, yelp, Do312, Built in Chicago, My daily find: Chicago, and the Local Tourist. Another task that I do is research on prospective venues, bars, and restaurants that the company may want to host an event at. This research includes getting general information such as their phone number, website URL, and address, and also searching out or calling the business to get their general managers name and email. From there I create an excel spreadsheet with all of this information and give it over to Lindsay who will then work directly with me to come up with a tailored email about the event that we are trying to create, which I will then send out to the companies.


            Furthermore, some other day-to-day activities that I do is researching new and up incoming local Chicago businesses, managing and posting CitySwarm’s social media on twitter and Facebook through either posts or direct tweeting with people, getting pricing quotes on materials that CitySwarm needs such as food, company t-shirts, or drinks, and also researching new ways that the company can increase awareness.



Katie Beery (Right) at her internship with CitySwarm

            Overall, when reflecting upon my internship, the one thing that I love is the fact that I am able to directly work with the founder/owner of the company. She is always readily available to me, and I feel comfortable asking any questions that I have related to my duties, the company, and the industry as a whole. I am learning a lot about how to interact with other business and the professional aspect of working with them in partnerships and as sponsors. Moreover, I am learning much about how a small business can try to increase its awareness, and doing whatever it takes to make a small business like CitySwarm not only survive in such a competitive market, but also what things the company needs to do in order to try and make the company grow. 

The BBB Charity Intern- Bani Singh

Better Business Bureau of Chicago

The black building in the center is where the Better Business Office is located on the 31st floor. It is formerly known as the IBM Building and is located right across from the Trump Towers.

Hello fellow marketing interns! I’m Bani and I am currently a Marketing and Charity Intern at the Better Business Bureau, or also commonly known as the BBB. My primary task is to solicit charities to participate in our charity report program and work with them to create their report. This report evaluates the charity against 20 standards that have been created by the BBB.

I also play a part with events. I do everything from gathering materials for them and setting up at them, and also of course participating in them. The first event I will be working at is coming up next week at the Chicago Auto Show. I’m very excited for the experience!

My badge to get into the building and office.

My badge to get into the building and office.

I’m currently working on designing the charity brochure to mail to charities about the program and revising other marketing information to acquire more charities. The great thing about this internship is that I have the opportunity to be involved in so many different areas of the company. One day is so different to the next.

It is nice to have an experience like this because it is opening my eyes to all the possible career opportunities that I could venture into. Some days I am overwhelmed by everything I’m learning. I’m trying to be a sponge and absorb it all in!

Marketing is so broad and it is interesting to learn all the intricate details that are involved with each aspect. There are BBB locations all around the US and Canada so there is a vast number of businesses and charities that work with the BBB.  The BBB’s motto is “Start with Trust” I have learned how truly important it is for businesses and charities to be ethical and trustworthy and most importantly to want to be. I really enjoy working for an organization like the BBB that’s purpose is to educate. The BBB not only provides informational reports, but also informs the public on scams. They are a tool that I’m learning not many people take advantage of, which is surprising.

Outtakes Cafe

The café named Outtakes that I get hot chocolate and muffins from…almost everyday!

In my position so far I have also sharpened my communication skills, in particularly with professional organizations since that is who I am mainly conversing with. I am getting good experience with the language that is necessary to be using in emails and on the phone. Since the position requires a good amount of independence, I have learned how to prioritize and how to effectively use all of my available time. Organization is also very key since I am working with numerous charities at once.

My Desk!

My Desk!

It’s been a beneficial experience so far and I can’t wait to learn more. My advice to all of you is to go in with an open mind and positive attitude. Although this internship may not be exactly what you want to be doing, it is a stepping stone and a valuable experience and opportunity that can only help your future.

The Communications Strategies Group Intern- Amanda Elsasser

Amanda Elsasser intern at Communications Strategies Group

Amanda Elsasser intern at Communications Strategies Group

 A Day in the Life: Communications Strategies Group

It’s a typical hectic Monday for this Marketing Intern.  At Communication Strategies Group, Mondays are often a blur with the amount of activity that goes on.  I wake up and slowly prop open my laptop to see how many work emails I need to respond to so far.  Today, four messages by eight a.m.; it’s going to be a busy day.

You might be wondering what I’m doing still lying in bed at this time on a workday.  Well, Communication Strategies Group is a very small, boutique PR firm in downtown Chicago.  The company is run completely by two powerful women in a crowded cubicle.  Thus, I work from home as nearly all of the work I do for them can be done anywhere that I have access to my laptop and some imagination.

On a typical workday, I’m trying to promote or garner interest for a client cause, event, or product.  Currently, some of our clients are the Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana, Libman cleaning products, the Hope Institute, and a renowned Veterinarian, Dr. Royal.

Thus, I’m creating captions for photos of Girl Scouts at an event at the Allstate Arena.  I then get on the Internet and sift through Cision, a database that contains the contact information of a number of media outlets.  Once I’ve found a list of editors for local newspapers, I send them an email with the picture and caption attached and ask that they consider publishing the photo.  Once this is sent out, I will need to do follow up calls to each of the editors to ensure that the information was received and gauge their interest in publishing.

Another typical task I’m responsible for is writing news releases and pitch letters to promote client events.  Once I have a release written, I will send it to the appropriate editors, as well as submit it to local online news sites.  Patch.com, the Daily Herald, and Triblocal are the most commonly used sites to post events and announcements for our clients; so much of my day is spent submitting posts here.

On the few days that I do go in to the office, it is only for meetings with clients or to prepare for an event.   On Wednesday, one of our clients is hosting an event that should be an awesome experience.  The Hope Institute is a nonprofit organization that benefits children with Autism, and they are doing a large fundraiser, in which they are raffling off a number of amazing prizes.  The grand prize, however, is a 2.5 million dollar condo in Gold Coast, and the media is meeting us at the house on Wednesday to kick off the event.  This will be my first event, and I am thrilled to get to be a part of such an awesome cause.

Honestly, I am learning so much.  While it is nice to get the opportunity to work from my couch, it also takes a lot more motivation and self-discipline.  Additionally, I am a people person, so I do miss that daily interaction with coworkers that I’ve had in positions in the past.  Thus, so far my internship at Communication Strategies Group has not only taught me about the public relations industry, but also taught me a little bit about myself.

Tribune Media Intern- Fernando Martinez

Tribune Tower

Where I work!

The alarm clock goes off, I get dressed for my internship, take the train into the Loop, pick up my morning Starbucks, and walk through the gold-lined revolving doors of the Chicago Tribune’s Tribune Tower, a stone building dating back to 1925. After scanning my security badge at the front desk, I take the stairs up to the second floor and walk down the hallway to sit at my desk, joining the rest of the marketing team. The first thing I always see when I walk to my desk is my nameplate,

“Fernando Martinez, Advertiser Marketing Intern.”

In a normal day, a typical advertiser marketing intern such as myself can go to one or more meetings, use a few different syndicated data tools, and even have some creative fun with putting together some ad sell sheets. Every day different members of the team go into meetings with clients that are small to medium size business owners, and sales team representatives. Interns get asked to sit in on them to find out more about the needs of clients who want to advertise with publications of the Chicago Tribune, and getting the chance to ask the clients questions that could help with their solutions. Once all the right information is collected, you will use several different tools to pull syndicated data.

My desk!

My desk aka data central!

Such data can range from the population of a certain radius in the city to demographic information down to the finest specification. The amount of data that can be pulled is huge, and it never ceases to amaze me how specific I can get. One of the fun parts of my internship comes from creating the sell sheets that the sales reps can take back to the clients, which will ultimately seal the deal with the client. The sales rep may have done a great job selling the goods to the client, but it’s up to the advertiser marketing team member to pull the right data and tell the story in a way that would compel the client to advertise in the Chicago Tribune.

Chicago Tribune, a division of Tribune Media Group, ranked eighth largest newspaper in the country by daily circulation, and owners of several radio and TV stations, along with other newspaper such as the Los Angeles Times. Currently the Tribune Media Group is in charge of the advertiser marketing needs for twenty-five different publications, gaining an annual revenue ranging from five to thirteen million dollars. The immediate team itself consists of another intern, ten full-time employees, and myself.

cake for RedEye birthday

One of the perks- cake day in celebration of the RedEye 10th Birthday!

Anyone who asks me how I like my internship, I answer the same way; “I love it.” At first I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I applied to it, but after being there for a while and getting the hang of things, I really enjoy what I’m doing. I get to learn so many aspects of marketing every day. I’ve learned things that range from using technical computer programs to pull large amounts of data on just about anything, to learning how to effectively tell a story using that same information. Every day I feel like I learn at least one thing that I never knew before, and probably wouldn’t have learned it had I never got an internship with the Chicago Tribune’s Tribune Media Group.